Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I have lots of posts in my mind that I need to sit down and write (hopefully I'll be able to carve out some time soon) but for today, nothing too heavy. Just a little bit of random, which is sometimes the best.

making:: a mental list of things I want to do while we have the next couple weeks off of school.

cooking:: mexican chicken in the crockpot.

drinking:: nothing, but craving a warm cup of hot chocolate!

reading:: I'm trying to get through the book Little Bee. Can't decide yet if I like it. Also reading Messy Grace with my husband, and have Adopted For Life and Woke Church up next when we finish that.

wanting:: to turn on the fire place, but pretty sure my husband shut it off for summer. Time to get it going again!

looking:: at my kids playing nicely. One reading a book, and two playing sweetly, while one is upstairs with the speech therapist.

playing:: googly eyes! We played it last night with the girls and it was a lot of fun, but man those glasses make it really hard to see! 

wasting:: ? I can't think of anything I'm wasting right now. I guess that's a good thing.

wishing:: the weather was always this perfect!

enjoying:: our time off from school. This is why we started so early-so we could take time off in the fall!

waiting:: on my buddy to get done with speech so we can go play at the library!

liking:: the way I've been studying the Bible lately. It has been helping me SO much with really digging in and studying and learning Truth.

wondering:: about some church things. We recently moved to a new church and are still getting to know people/the church, and it's that weird in between of not yet knowing how things work there, but also being excited to be there. Which leaves me with a lot of wondering :) 

loving:: some of the really good conversations I've been able to have with my husband lately. Mostly re: spiritual growth. They've all been really good & helpful and I love talking to him.

hoping:: for this weather to continue so I can keep wearing sweatshirts, drinking hot cocoa and eating soup!

marveling:: at what God has done recently in our family. It has been so, so good and I'm really grateful.

needing:: to brush my hair. I didn't have time this morning before the girls supervising teacher and boys speech therapist came over. I like to keep their expectations low when they come to our house ;) 

smelling:: new clothes. I bought & couldn't wait to wear the sweatshirt I have on now, so it hasn't been washed yet and honestly smells so good.

wearing:: a super comfy sweatshirt from Target (size up 1-2 sizes if you want a loose comfy fit-TTS is pretty fitted), and yoga pants. We had no real commitments today so we're all dressed comfy and casual.

noticing:: how good of readers my girls are becoming! Their fluency has really boomed the last few months. They were reading with their supervising teacher this morning and it gave me a chance to just sit back and watch/listen and it was a "WOW" moment! I'm so proud of them!

knowing:: that my kids are happy & healthy is one of the best feelings.

thinking:: about what my husband is having for lunch. He has free lunch at work cooked by a professional chef (jealous) and I have to live vicariously through him.

bookmarking:: some curriculum stuff I found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

opening:: a notepad to figure out schedules for activities for kids. It's already getting hard to fit everything in.

feeling:: happy! It's been a good couple weeks off of school and just enjoying life with my family :) 

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Summer 2018

This summer flew by (as it always does) and here we are, heading into fall, getting back into the routine of school and activities. Here's a little recap of all the fun we had this summer! 

We started off the summer early with a vacation in May to Hilton Head Island.

My husband bought a motorcycle, which most of the kids are obsessed with. 

There was lots of time spent at parks!

We made several trips to the Children's Museum.

We went to visit some friends over Memorial Day weekend. 

There were a couple of outdoor movies we were able to make it to (different locations, but ironically both playing the same movie several months apart...)

We tried to hit up festivals and events when we were able to.

We went on some bike rides.

Same friends we went and visited came and stayed with us a few weeks later while they were in town for a wedding.

There were a few picnics, both in the yard and at parks.

This beautiful girl did an incredible job at her first big recital!

The girls took a swamp slime class where they got to catch tadpoles, hold a snake and frog, and make slime.

Our neighborhood was completely overrun with these little tiny frogs for a few weeks. The kids had a blast catching them, and making little homes for them for a few hours. This was easy entertainment for almost the whole month of June.

The girls took an art class twice a week for 3 weeks in June. They brought home lots of beautiful paintings.

Both of the boys got cellulitis from bug bites (a few weeks apart), so that was fun. There was also an ER visit for stitches for one of the boys. 

We celebrated Father's Day with our favorite guy.

There were a lot of lazy mornings with cuddles and show watching in my bed. 

We went to Omaha with my family for a long weekend. 

We saw fireworks with some friends on the 3rd. 

We went to the free kids movie on the 4th since Daddy was off work.

The girls had a one morning pajama party dance camp at little sister's dance studio. (Big sis, aka 'I don't like to dance' had wayyyy too much fun!) 

We got to spend some time with a high school friend of mine who was in town visiting, meet her boyfriend, go on a double date and introduce them to my kids!

The kids had a fun weekend with their grandparents while we met our friends in Davenport, IA for an adults only weekend. 

The girls had 2 weeks of daily swim lessons in the middle of July.

We did lots of school supply shopping, both for our homeschool and for donations, and it was SO FUN (I am obsessed with school/office supplies!)

My TX family came to visit and got to spend my 31st birthday with me. We did all kinds of fun stuff while they were here including birthday donuts at the create your own donut place, birthday pedicures, shopping, Incredibles 3, dinners out, and more. 

The girls and I did VBS one week in July (one of the best & most exhausting weeks of the year, haha) 

We said farewell to the boys amazing speech therapist of 2 years and they each started working with someone new. 

Went to some farmer's markets.

A nice bus driver let us sit on a bus one day. 3 of my kids loved it, and the one who I thought would like it most, didn't.

We got donuts for dinner one night, just because we can, and headed to a park.

My sweet oldest professed faith in Christ and was baptized in our backyard!!! (I'll have to do a separate post on this with pictures).

We flew kites (this is a fun daddy thing--I sat and watched)

We made it to the trampoline park a few times (trying to get in a few more times before my oldest is too old for the "toddler time" and I have to start paying more than $5/kid!)

Spent some time in the get along shirt #siblingsquabbles Works like a charm!

We went to visit the kids great grandma and the kids entertained all the residents with their dance party. 

Mall security gave the kids tickets for a free ride on the carousel and they were thrilled!

That about wraps it up for the summer! We're looking forward to a great fall season! 

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