Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Very PALEO Independence Day

I recently started eating a Paleo diet. I don't know if it's forever, but I'm sticking with it for awhile at least, so I can see what foods are making me feel yucky. I think when you eat a special diet, events and holidays can feel overwhelming! Personally, I don't want anyone to have to make any special recipes for me, or worry about what I can and can't eat. I am the one choosing to eat this way, so I feel like I need to take responsibility for it! I know not everyone on a special diet feels this way (and when there are allergies concerned, it's obviously a different story), but I do for now at least! So with the fourth approaching, I knew I'd have to plan ahead of time to be successful at remaining paleo. 
We always host a party on the fourth and have for several years. It always involves lots of delicious food. Luckily, paleo = lots of meat! Fourth of July = grilling out and lots of meat! So as far as holidays go, this one shouldn't be too terribly bad to stick to paleo. Here are some tips I have to sticking to a paleo (or other special) diet through July 4th festivities.
Go bun-less. You can eat a burger, or a dog and just skip the bun to make it paleo.
Beware of condiments. Do your research ahead of time. Mustard=paleo. Ketchup=NOT paleo. Check out ingredients on any other condiments you enjoy.
Bring a side. If you bring your own side dish to a cook out, you are guaranteed that there will be at least 2 things you can eat-the meat and your side. 
{Try THIS paleo potato salad.}
{Or THIS paleo "pasta" salad}

Call the hostess ahead of time. Let them know that you are on this special eating plan, and that you don't need them to accommodate you, but just wanted to double check on what food will be served. Maybe she knows that her sister is bringing a salad, and someone else is planning to cut up some watermelon. Now you know not to bring either of those, and BAM, two more things you can eat!
Consider bringing a dessert you can have, if anything. You could make enough to share, OR just bring a little for yourself. Sweets are my weakness and I know if I'm watching everyone stuff their faces with homemade ice cream and delicious dessert pizza, I'm gonna cave. I just will. Having something to eat during that time would help me tremendously. 
{Check out THIS delicious Paleo fruit tart. I'm willing to bet people would gobble this up and have no idea it is healthy}
BYOB. Alcohol is usually a no-no on paleo. Pop is obviously out. Probably most lemonade and juice type drinks are as well (sugar). There are so many delicious paleo beverages you can make for yourself, though! Be proactive and plan ahead. Or just drink water if you're cool with that, too! 

For more paleo friendly 4th of July recipes, check out these links:

Happy 4th! 
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  1. Very true: holiday are such a weak point with ANY type of diet plan! Why do celebrations always involve food!?

  2. All good points Natalie! Have a happy 4th of July!


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