Thursday, July 24, 2014

First No Kids Overnight!

I've been wanting to spend a night away with my husband for, well, longer than I can remember! We haven't done it in a really really long time. I can't even remember the last time, but more than 3 years for sure. I have been nursing or really pregnant since then so we haven't been able to get away just the two of us.
We recently had an opportunity to do so! We needed to go to Ikea to get some furniture for a built in office area we are making in our basement, and we were planning to do the 4 hour drive there and back in one day. We started thinking about it and decided this was our perfect opportunity to spend a night away from the kiddos! I was so super excited. My mom was coming to town too so it was perfect and we could just leave the girls with her! 
T came home after I put the girls down for nap and we hit the road then, which would put us in the Chicago area around dinner time. At first we had planned to try to go into the city and either go to Navy Pier or a comedy club or something, but then we decided we really just wanted to enjoy the time together so we spent a little more on a nicer hotel and went out to dinner instead.
We stopped for a quick snack once we got onto the highway and then just spent the rest of the drive chatting and dreaming about life. It was awesome. I love my kids so so much but my almost 3 year old is in the phase of yelling from the back seat "Hey! What are you guys talking about?!" It's adorable most of the time and then other times when we have something serious to discuss it makes it a bit challenging. So it was refreshing to just get that one on one chat time together! 
We got to our hotel which was in some Chicago suburb and we never did make it into the city because we knew traffic would be crazy. There was plenty to explore where we were at! 
Our hotel was so nice! We had a giant, and I mean GIANT whirlpool tub in the room and a really cool waterfall shower and steam room. Some of the rooms had their own pool in them too! 

We got settled in and ventured out for a late dinner. I think we left the hotel around 7 or 7:30, which isn't that late, but we normally eat at like 5:00 with our kids! We were laughing about how we felt so young going out so "late". We explored the town a little bit and then came back to our hotel to lounge and watched a movie. 

In the morning, after breakfast and getting ready, it was off to Ikea! On the way we scoped out all of the awesome lunch places. 
We needed to get a bunch of cabinets, countertops, etc. Nothing super exciting, but once it is all put together and done it will be amazing to have! We ended up with a few extra things because hey, it's Ikea, and we hardly ever get to go!
We had to wait a long time for them to gather all the furniture.
My love was wearing down by this point....hungry and a long morning of shopping does not make for a thrilled husband. We got on the road and just decided to head to Five Guys since it was close, we love it, it's fast and we don't have one at home. It never disappoints!
Back on the road to get home to our girls! Lots of great discussion in the car. 
It was a quick trip, but we got to spend some really great quality time together, AND we got to sleep in for the first time in 3+ years....that may or may not have been the best part of the trip for both of us. 
I'm looking forward to next time. Hopefully it won't be another 3 years! 

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  1. so super fun!! glad y'all got that time away!

  2. How fun! Also funny, because part of one of our overnight dates recently was also IKEA! Counter tops and cabinets?! Exciting!!! We got a kitchen table, a chair, shelves/frames mainly. Glad you guys got to get away! It was our first overnight together without the kids recently as well (for a wedding) and then we had another one a couple weeks later (class reunion). Soooo nice! I wish it could be at least an every couple of months thing! ;)

  3. So awesome! We've been trying to plan one too!


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