Thursday, July 10, 2014

How I Tackle the Laundry Monster

Ahhh, laundry. It's the never ending monster taking over women's lives everywhere. I'm constantly asking myself how we all have so many clothes, and how they get dirty so fast?! I used to be the person who would let it all pile up until we literally had no clean underwear, then do it all in one day. I'm talking 7 or 8 loads sometimes. This worked out better for me. It was one long laundry day, but I only had to deal with it every couple of weeks. After becoming a mom, I knew this wasn't going to work for me anymore, so I came up with my own little system. (In full disclosure, I need to get back on track with this system since moving. Our laundry is in our basement now, and since that has been unfinished I never went down there and it was an out of sight out of mind thing. Now that it is finished, I'm hoping I can get back to this system because it was flawless for me! Pretend like this was written in the past.)
It's pretty simple really. Each day of the week, I do whatever laundry is in line for that day. I set the basket that needs washing at the top of the stair the night before so that I see it in the morning. First thing in the morning, I put a load in. By the time I go to bed that night it has to be put away.
Seems easy, right? The hardest thing is getting started. Once I get in the routine of doing this, it's just second nature. And most of the time I have it folded and put away by mid-afternoon, but there are those occasional nights I'm getting it done right before bed. That is ok with me, as long as it is getting put away, because that is the part of laundry that I'm worst at! I also love this system because it gives me the weekend to not have any laundry to worry about. I used to spend all weekend doing laundry sometimes, but now I just get to enjoy my family! 

Do you have a laundry system that works out well for you? 
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  1. Interesting. I always love to see how people do laundry. Does this mean you have different hampers for each load? We just have 1 hamper per room so it would be a pain/a mess to sort it upstairs I think. I do ours on Thursdays usually. Usually all of it aside from sheets/towels/bibs which I just do as needed. I wash our clothes with the kids clothes and only keep the under 1 year of age babies separate (due to a different detergent). Our machines are on the main floor so I just throw everything down the stairs and sort it there. It's usually 4 loads.


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