Friday, August 15, 2014

Cookies for Neighbors

It's been a good long time since I've baked. We were living with my in-laws while our house was being built and my MIL is a great chef, so I had no need to bake there. Then we were doing the whole 30, then we were eating paleo-ish, and on and on. My husband has been really wanting to bake cookies for some neighbors and we just had 2 new neighbors move in in the last week, so I figured we'd better get on it! He had been promising my oldest daughter that they would bake cookies together, but yesterday morning she came and woke me up and asked if we could make them that day. I really didn't want to. I was having an exhausting week and it seemed too messy and like too much work! But I said yes and we did, and I'm soooo glad. It was such a fun time with my big girl! 
The last time I baked anything she was only at the age of really being able to "mix" up the batter, but this time she did everything except crack the eggs and put the dough on the cookie sheets!

Ready to get started... She seriously asked me 83 times before we started if we could bake cookies. Excited to say the least!

"Mixa, mixa, mixa!"

She was seriously so happy the whole time! What could be better for a mama's heart?!

Little sister happily played doctor at our feet. She really had no interest in helping us mix, which probably worked out well for all of us ;) 

This is where she starts thinking about tasting the batter. The smile says it all....

...and she goes for it!

"mmmm. Delicious in my tum-tum-tummy" she says!

Proud of her handiwork! 

So I kicked them out of the kitchen while I dealt with the hot oven, and then we waited patiently to taste the fruits of our labor. I think they approved!

So much fun in the kitchen with my sweet girl, baking up sweet memories. (That was totally cheesy, but I didn't mean for it to be so I'm leaving it, ha!)
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  1. Love how excited they are...sometimes it's worth the mess :)

  2. How fun! Your kids are so beautiful. Making little messes is part of the fun in cookie baking :)


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