Friday, August 1, 2014

Easy Sun Tea

I know, the word easy just automatically goes with sun tea. Is there such a thing as a difficult sun tea recipe?! 

I have really fond memories of my mom brewing sun tea while I was growing up. It was a summer staple. I remember the glass jar sitting out on our front steps or our back deck probably every week, every summer. I haven't done it as much the last few years, but I need to more, because it just screams SUMMER! And it always makes me nostalgic. 
I have no idea WHY brewing it in the sun makes it taste SO much better, but it really does. If you haven't tried sun tea before, this is your year. Go do this, now! You can thank me later.
You'll need:
All you have to do is:
I personally like to use decaf iced tea bags, and I don't usually add anything to mine. If you like sweet tea, then you'd add honey or sugar, but it is so good as is! Oh, and don't skip the lid...buggies like this stuff, too! 

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  1. yum! But I've never seen ICED tea bags. Maybe we don't have them up here. Can you just use normal tea bags?

  2. First time I've visited your new blog..I love your layout and color scheme!! Now I need to go make some tea!! :-)

  3. I had never heard of this before until I saw our neighbors leaving their tea on the front steps! I didn't grow up in a tea drinking family, so that's probably why :)

  4. I clicked on this as was intrigued at what sun tea is. I am an English girl through and through so my tea (and I must drink 6 or 7 mugs a day) always involves a kettle and milk! I love the idea of following traditions but I'm afraid, lovely though it looks, I am going to stick with my regular PG Tips. In fact I think I will pop the kettle on right now! Have a lovely day and thank you for showing me something new.

  5. I've heard of this but never knew exactly how to do it...Thanks so much! I will definitely try this before the summer is out...


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