Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Ice Cream Truck Treat

A few weeks ago, on a very hot (we've been having a really mild summer, so we haven't had a lot of hot days) afternoon, right after my girls woke up from their naps, I heard the ice cream truck coming down the street. So I thought, hey, why not?! The girls were super excited !
It was really, really bright, so you'll just have to trust me on the excitement factor since their faces don't show it.

My oldest daughter chose a spongebob popsicle. I also got some strawberry shortcake thing that they devoured in one second, so then the girls just shared the popsicle. It was a pretty big hit! 

Then they got to the gumball eyes. This thing was melting FAST in the hot summer sun. 

When they got done, I just turned on the sprinklers and let them go wild. Oh to be a toddler in the summer time! 

 photo SBHHSignature_zpsd24269b1.png


  1. Looks like a blast!!! What a sweet mommy!

  2. I've done that with Georgia before...she had a blast! Do your girls wear the same size clothes...haha! Those tank tops are super cute!

  3. So cute and fun!!! Love their matching outfits. So much fun to match them, isn't it? I have to make myself resist doing it all the time!

  4. hahaha look at that mess! Love it! You can definitely tell they enjoyed themselves!

  5. Stopping by from the link up, how cute are they?!


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