Monday, August 11, 2014

I Belong with You {Master Bedroom Prints}

I love how song lyrics can so often say what I want to say, but even better. Somehow they are way more eloquent than what I could ever make them! Apparently I've recently become obsessed with displaying lyrics in my home. I have a You Are My Sunshine pillow in my living room, and before we moved last winter, I made up some prints for my girls' room with songs we sing to them. I guess I am quickly looking to fill every room in my house with lyrics, because I've decided on some new song lyrics for our bedroom now. I have only heard this song while shopping in stores, so I actually don't even know all the lyrics, but it caught my ear and I just thought it was the cutest little saying. So naturally, I thought it needed to be displayed in our little haven. I'm slowly getting our bedroom to just how I want it to be. It's a process, and this room always gets pushed to the back burner no matter how much I try to prioritize it (we spend less time in our bedroom than any other room...). It's coming along and this little addition helped, I think! 
During the "design process" I couldn't just stop at one so I made all three so I could stare at them for awhile and decide which one I want in our room. I still haven't decided...opinions? Feel free to save any or all of them for personal use! (Right click to save. They are 5x7.)

It makes me smile. 
 photo SBHHSignature_zpsd24269b1.png


  1. Love them all but my favourite is the first one!!

  2. Love the top one! Stopping by from the social media mixer. Sounds like based on your little sidebar bio we could be twins (except I haven't nailed down the parenting thing yet since my first little one is just now on the way). Excited to follow along!


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