Monday, August 18, 2014

I Don't Believe in Soul Mates

We've all heard it said a million times over. "S/he is my SOUL MATE!" 
There's something so magically romantic about those words, right? Something about the idea that this one person was created just for you to love. That you were meant to be together and no matter what happened in your lives, you were meant to find each other. 
Well I'm here to say sorry to my husband-you're NOT my soul mate. 
Doesn't it just sound mean? Hollywood has romanticized it to the level that if you say someone ISN'T your soul mate, it's like the worst, most heartbreaking insult you could ever receive. 
I believe that my husband and I are great together. We complement each other well, have similar senses of humor, and agree on most of the big life issues. This is why we chose each other. We clicked. We got along well. It was comfortable and safe and like we have always been together. Is he the only person my soul could love? Is he the one I had been searching my whole life for? Well....yes AND no. He is the person I had been searching for in the sense that I wanted a husband with his attributes and characteristics. But no in the sense that his soul isn't the one that made mine complete. Could I have found another man with many characteristics that I wanted and fallen in love and had a happy life with him? Yes. I'm super thankful that I didn't though, because I really like the one that I chose. And that's exactly it. We chose each other. We made a choice to spend our lives together. To work hard to make an incredible marriage last. Personally, I think it's a lot sweeter to be reminded that you love this person so much, you are choosing to do life together. We didn't just come together because the love gods brought us together and fate aligned to bring me my soul mate. We met, connected, fell in love and decided we loved and cared for each other so much that we wanted to make it a life long thing. Isn't it kind of cool? To acknowledge that it could have been someone else, but it's HIM? And that he could have chosen another lady to love and to cherish until death, but he didn't. He chose me. He likes me, he really likes me!! I think it makes our marriage that much more special. To know that we made this conscious decision to make this other person the most important person in our world. And that they loved us enough to do the same. We're just two people who happen to be madly in love.
Do you believe in soul mates? Why or why not? 
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  1. Aw sweet. But I like to think John is my one true love and I wouldn't be AS happy as I am now with anyone else, even if they were very much like John.


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