Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Grilling: Sweet Corn

We live in the Midwest, so naturally we love corn. This time of year it is THE BEST. So fresh, so sweet, so perfect. Our very favorite way to prepare corn is on the grill. Actually, that's the ONLY way we do it. My husband is a professional corn griller, so I can guarantee you that if you try this, you'll be hooked. 
I've heard of several people lately saying they have never grilled corn, or didn't know you could. Ohh, you can. And you should. Here's how!
 The trick is that you want to leave the husk ON the corn. Don't take it off. Just trust me here. Leaving the husk on allows it to get super moist and not burn the kernels. 
Lay the corn directly on your grill. 
Turn the grill on  400-450 and cook corn for about 20-30 minutes, turning it over halfway through. 
Now is the hardest part. You are going to have to take it off the grill and shuck it (remove the green stuff) and it is HOT. Use oven mitts if you must. We usually let it sit for a couple minutes then suck it up and pull it off. Roll it in butter, sprinkle some salt & pepper over it and you are good to go. The best corn of your life! 
What's your favorite thing to grill? 
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  1. the first sentence made me giggle!

  2. That's exactly how we've been making it this summer! We soak it in water first because that's what we read to do... but not sure if that really does anything. Haha. So yummy!

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  4. Just found an easy way to shuck cooked corn.


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