Monday, September 29, 2014

Adoption Details

Thank you to everyone for all of your support and excitement on our adoption announcement! Every adoption looks different, and it is often a foreign concept to many, so we expected many questions and are happy to answer them! I wanted to share a little bit about our heart for adoption and answer some of the questions that we have been frequently been getting about the specifics of our adoption. 
I will start with the questions about our process, then share more about our decision to adopt tomorrow.
Are you adopting domestically or internationally?
We are adopting domestically! We prayed a lot about international adoption for a lot of years, but at this time, with two little ones at home, we felt that domestic was a better fit for our family.
What agency are you using?
We are using a multi-agency approach. This was a new concept to us, and it is really awesome! We have an incredible adoption consultant through Christian Adoption Consultants. She networks with many agencies in certain states to give us more of a reach and decrease waiting time for us. There are a lot of awesome things about this approach besides the shorter waiting time, which I would be more than happy to share as we get more into it! 
Are you adopting a baby or older child?
We are adopting a baby. We want to respect birth order for our girls and adopt a child younger than they are. We have preferenced a newborn and would consider a young baby as well.
When will you get a baby?
There is no real way to know. The average wait time using CAC is 6-10 months after completion of the home study. If this proves to be true for us, we will likely have a baby by this time next year, but possibly much sooner. We have to wait until we are chosen by a birth mother! 
Will your adoption be open or closed?
We are going to take this case by case, depending on what the birth parents want, etc. Most likely it will be semi open, meaning we will have some communication with them.
Where are you at in the adoption process?
We have signed on with our consultant and are now gathering documents and paperwork for our home study. We have been in touch with the social worker who will complete our home study and will start working on that this week. Once we gather all of our paperwork and documents (there are A LOT...physicals for all 4 of us plus our dog, references from friends and family, fingerprints, background checks, bank statements, tax records, proof of insurance, and more...), we will meet with the social worker once at her office a few hours away, and then she will come to our home once. Basically, she will be looking at all aspects of our life to determine whether we are fit to be parents (I sure hope they say yes, since we already have two kids lol!). This process could take a few months, then we will be able to apply to agencies and that is when our official wait for a baby begins!
How much does adoption cost and how will you afford it? 
Many people are shocked to find out that domestic adoption costs somewhere around $30,000, but that being the average, it could really be between $25-$40,000. No, we do not have $30,000 laying around, as I'm assuming most people who adopt do not. The reason adoption is so costly is because of the services you are paying for. You are not "buying a child", you are paying for legal help, traveling costs, paperwork, medical expenses, etc. If you think about how many people are putting in lots of time to help you with this process, it makes sense why it costs so much. That being said, we are prayerfully hopeful that the Lord will provide the funds needed. No, we are not going to sit around and let the money fall into our laps. We are cutting our own bills and expenses where we can, will be applying for lots of adoption grants, and planning fundraising events to help with the costs. We believe that God has led us down this path and won't leave us stranded in the way of finances. We are also blessed that there is an adoption reimbursement at my husband's company, where they will give us some money toward our adoption (not a ton, but a significant amount) after the adoption is complete. This, combined with the adoption tax credit will certainly be of help. 
What am I missing?! We are going to try to be an open book about the adoption process, so feel free to ask any questions that I may have missed in the comments, or shoot me an email! We are happy to answer. 
I will be back tomorrow to share more about our heart for adoption and what led us to this path. 
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  1. Adoption has always been in our thoughts but the finances terrify me and so does a non closed adoption. My middle brother and my dad are both adopted. The thought of my middle brother having another family somewhere would have been so strange to me and my oldest brother. Even now, as an adult, I'm not sure how I would feel about him having another "family" somewhere. He's OURS. haha. I don't say that in a way that's y'all decision is all! Obviously everyone's ideas are different. Just my thoughts from a family made by adoption. Praying for y'all and a quick process! I've heard people say some babies are born in your heart.

  2. So glad I found your blog. I soak up these adoption journeys. Best wishes!

  3. I am so glad you are sharing about your journey and are willing to answer questions! Adoption is something se are praying about, and I am so excited to read all about your adoption journey!

  4. Wow..congrats!! How exciting!!!

  5. Hi follower from the Peony Project! I saw that you were interested in donations for your upcoming giveaway and I would love to participate. Please checkout my website at and I look forward to connecting! Many blessings!


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