Saturday, September 6, 2014


Here's what's going on in my life lately. I know you've been dying to know :) 

::reading:: Insurgent by Veronica Roth. This series is sooo good, I cannot put it down even when my eyelids won't stay open!

::watching:: 7th Heaven. Yes, 7th Heaven. A month or two ago, my husband and I were talking about it and he had never seen it! I watched it EVERY WEEK when I was growing up. So we found it on Hulu and have been watching it occasionally when we have a free night. And I totally still love it. (He does, too!)

::trying:: to get our basement finished and garage cleared out before winter. Not sure if it is normal to take this long to get settled into a house after moving, but I'm blaming it on my two little side kicks and having to finish the basement after we moved in. We are getting there!

::eating:: Paleo. I did Whole 30 in May and didn't realize how good I felt until I went back to eating junk. I slowly kept adding in more junk until I just felt gross again, so I'm eating strict Paleo for a couple weeks until I get it all cleared out of my system and I can see what makes me feel bad. Blah.

::pinning:: House and basement ideas

::going:: crazy from clutter. I'm so ready to have house projects done and just be able to live here and do the fun projects!

::loving:: the stages my kiddos are at. I loved having babies (the snuggles!!!), but my girls are both at such FUN stages right now. Love watching them learn and explore and grow.

::discovering:: that I'm happiest, and most at ease, when I have a steady routine.

::enjoying:: sleep. I can't get enough lately. 

::thinking:: About my sister-in-law. Today is her birthday! Happy birthday, Sarah!!

::feeling:: a little drained. I feel like I have a lot of things fighting for my attention right now and I can't keep up on everything!

::hoping:: that we have a mild winter. I'm a little nervous that our mild summer will lead to a terribly cold winter again!

::listening:: to the air conditioning hum and the sound machine coming from the girls' room while they nap.

::thanking:: God for so much. He is way too good to me, and that has been really evident to me lately.

::starting:: to plan my daughter's 3rd birthday party! Which is in a couple weeks. Which is crazy compared to the last few years when I've had a several month head start. Hopefully it'll all get done! 

What are you up to? What's been going on in your life and heart? 

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  1. 7th Heaven is so good! I didn't know it was on Hulu; I'll have to go rewatch some of it too!

  2. I just checked out Divergent from the library and can't wait to get into it. I watched the movie twice already!


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