Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Favorites

Happy Fall Y'all! Fall is most definitely my favorite time of the year around these parts. Well, weather wise. I sure love me some Christmas season. I grew up in Colorado where the weather is pretty much always perfect, or at least always at least semi-enjoyable. The cold isn't THAT cold. The hot isn't THAT hot. But then I moved to the Midwest. The summers are miserably sticky hot with 100+ degree temps and lots of humidity (except this summer which was super mild). The winters are so painfully bitter cold--last winter we had a week or two where we got down into -40 some degrees with wind chill. NEGATIVE FORTY. Insane. We stay inside all winter, every winter. Then there's the spring, which is a total tease. It'll start getting warm (and by warm I mean 35), and then it snows again. Then when the snow finally melts it takes all spring so everything is muddy and gross for months. Soooo needless to say, fall is perfect here. The leaves are SOOOO beautiful. The temps are perfection. Everything about fall in the Midwest is so enjoyable and I'm glad it's here! 
Anyway, enough about the weather. 
Here are my fall favorites this year....
I've got pumpkin roll going in my scentsy right now...
I'm pretty dedicated to my scentsies because of my kiddos. My daughter stuck her finger in my scentsy when it was on a month or two ago and obviously didn't get burned so I feel like it's just the safest thing with little ones and I rarely burn candles anymore. That being said, nothing will ever replace my love for Yankee candle's Farmer's Market scent. If you have never smelled this, you need to run to the store and sniff it now...
It's everything I've ever wanted in a scent.
Boots. Obviously.
Whenever I have a specific kind of boot that I want, I'll search for literally years until I find the perfect pair and then I keep them forever. I mean I only wear them a few months out of the year, between the time it  cools down and the time it starts to snow (where I can't wear anything but boots that grip the snow), so they last for years.

Cardigans. I seriously love a good cardigan. They just go with everything, don't they?! 

Scarves. I have an actual scarf problem. They, too, just go with everything.

Tunics & leggings. I got this tunic last year and it is hands down my favorite. Go getcha one! Everything about this tunic is perfect and I need one in every color. EVERY color! Definitely going on my Christmas list this year. (Oh yeah, and if you become a VIP member, you get $15 off your first purchase!)

This is the pumpkin bar recipe I use that always blows people's minds. I'm getting ready to make my first batch this weekend for my daughter's birthday party! They are perfectly moist.

Caramel Apple Spice. I love getting these at Starbucks but I've recreated it at home and gotten a lot of inquiring minds on the recipe. So yummy! This is pretty similar to what I do.

Soups and chilis. Mmmm. At our house, we are big fans of Taco Soup, which I'm planning on posting the recipe for the next time I make it. There's just something about warm soup in the cool fall evenings. Especially crock pot soups where you come home and it's all done for you! 

Fall activities are always fun, but even more fun with little ones!
We love the pumpkin patch, hay rack rides, apple orchard, fall leaf hunts, jumping in leaf piles, and everything else having to do with leaves, apples or pumpkins. 

What do you love about fall?! 
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  1. Carmel Apple Spice sounds super yummy! I'm not a super fan of all things pumpkin but those pumpkin bars do look good!

  2. That tunic is so cute! I'm going to check it out.

  3. -40 degrees! And I thought our -1 was bad.. Wow!!

    Yankee candles are the best!

  4. I am a total scarf horder. I have tons and wear one almost every single day during the fall and winter months! Heck, I even wear them in the spring and summer! :) Love that tunic, too! So cute!

  5. I love fall. I always say it's NOT because I have an October birthday but that helps a bit ;)

  6. Love the cardigan:) This is a great fall roundup!


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