Friday, September 5, 2014

I Am Passionate About...

I am joining in (a little late) on the blogtember blog challenge! I haven't intended to take a little break from the blog, but we've been busy with house projects and traveling and it just got pushed to the end of my mile long to-do list. You know how that goes, right? 
Anyway, today we are talking about what we are passionate about. I really wanted to just pick one giant unique thing that I am passionate about and elaborate on it, but I'm passionate about too many things, so here it goes. In no particular order, things Natalie is passionate about...
The gospel
Keeping your marriage fun, exciting, alive...
Raising kids who love Christ
Raising kids who are passionate (fitting, right?)
Teaching said kids
Organizing (though with the current state of my home, you would definitely NOT be able to tell)
Sea otters. Can this be a thing? I am seriously passionate them. The cuteness!
Writing: Blogging, journaling, noveling, whatever it might be.
Making the parenting choices that best fit your family
Fellowship/Community with other Christians
Helping other married couples

I can think of millions of other things I could add to the list, but I'm not sure they would qualify as "passionate". Just things I really, really like. So maybe I'll have to do a post about those things one day. But for now, you have a random assortment of things that I am passionate about. Everything from The Cross to sea otters. What can I say?! 

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  1. I love your passion to grow your children to love God. I have a passion for journaling too. Great post


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