Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tips for Working Out in the Morning {Guest Post}

My ridiculously sweet friend, Leigh Anne, is here guest posting today!! We have been blog friends for several years, and they just don't come any sweeter than this gal, you guys. Enjoy her post! Lord knows I need to take some of these tips ;) 
I recently started working out at 5:30 am. Which is crazy, especially considering I am not a morning person. At. All.
But I'm really enjoying starting my days with a good workout and kind of even consider myself a morning person now. Plus I get to work earlier now and am able to get things done in the morning, leave earlier in the afternoon, and head home without worrying about getting a workout in.
I shower and get ready for the day up at our church gym (where I workout) which means a lot of prep work is required to make it all happen. I've picked up a few tips along the way that might be helpful if you are trying the same routine or thinking about trying it.
Get two of everything. In the locker room I have everything I need so I'm taking less back and forth. In my gym locker I have: a body towel, wash cloth, hand towel (to wrap my hair up), shower shoes, shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face wash, razor, hair brush, deodorant, and hair dryer. The only thing I bring in each day are my clothes for the day and makeup. Everything else stays at the gym.
Prep the week on Sunday. Besides doing meal prep on Sundays I'll also pick out all my outfits for the week and hang them together in my closet. I even hang cardigans/jackets and jewelery together so the night before I don't have to think about what I need to complete the outfit. Doing this before the week saves me time each night and makes packing my gym bag easier.

5 days of outfits hanging and waiting at the front of my closet.

Pack everything the night before. Anything that I need for the next day needs to be packed and ready the night before. This includes my gym bag, breakfast, water bottle, lunch, and anything else I might need for work. When you get up at 5 am and need to be out of the house 15 minutes later you don't have time to think and just need to grab and go!

Put everything in it's place. Every night I put everything in its spot for the next day. My gym clothes go in the bathroom so I'm not fumbling around in the dark wasting time. I put my shoes and socks in the living room by the chair so I can sit down and put them on quickly. My gym bag and purse sit by the door so I can grab them on the way out. Having everything in place makes walking out much easier!

Get plenty of sleep! Of course the key to working out in the morning before work is to make sure you get plenty of sleep. Figure out how much your body needs and set a strict bedtime for yourself to ensure you will have a successful workout and not be dragging all day afterwards!
Accountability. I go to a workout class and having a specific time to be there helps me get going because I don't want to be late. It is also super helpful having a group of people there everyday who I know will be asking where I am if I don't go. Recently a co-worker joined our class which provides even more accountability for me! If you don't have a class to attend see if you can find a friend to be your workout partner. It makes for a much more enjoyable workout, provides accountability, and creates a unique bond that sweating it out together can do! 

What tips would you add for working out before work? 

Leigh Anne is a wife, first grade teacher and puppy momma. She blogs about daily life with her husband & family as well as sharing tips about saving money, ideas for in the classroom, and memory keeping ideas. Check out her blog, Simply Swarbrick!

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  1. I am INSPIRED! I like to work in the mornings, but not work *out*. This is such a great post with wonderful tips, thank you!

    1. Thanks so much Daisy for your kind words! I hope you are able to apply some of them :)


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