Monday, November 3, 2014

A Happy List

I have been trying to get some more content on here lately, but I'm kind of at a stand still. I have a ton of posts in my drafts that just need something or other to finish it up but they all seem to be taking forever. I will hopefully be back at it soon enough, but today I just wanted to share a list of things that make me happy. I don't think I've been appreciating the little things enough lately. I have been focused on the bigger picture of things we have going on in our lives and it has been a little stressful, honestly. So here are some things making me happy this Monday...
::A good quiet time::
::Hilarious text conversations with friends::
::Long talks on long drives with my honey::
::Good novels::
::The fact that Christmas is in 52 days::
::Shenanigans with my big girl::

::The crisp fall air smell::
::A good cup of french vanilla hot chocolate::
::Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for the people I love::
::Clean sheets::
::Spiritual growth::
::Cheesecake Factory::
::Thoughts of precious newborn snuggles::
::Upcoming family visits::
::Weekends with no plans::

What's making you smile today?!

 photo SBHHSignature_zpsd24269b1.png


  1. More than clean sheets: clean sheets and freshly shaven legs...ahhh!

  2. I LOVE Christmas shopping for others and imagining their face when they open it! 52 days away makes me extremely happy :)

  3. I can't wait for Christmas..I've been ready since the official end of summer..ha! Btw..those pizzas look amazing!


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