Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

I have never participated in this link up on this blog, but I used to do it on my old blog and loved it! 

::one:: I've been meaning to post for awhile that we have gotten started using essential oils. We have only been using them a few months so I don't feel like I have a TON to say on the topic yet. We have been liking them and I think they've really worked for several ailments/sicknesses. But I feel like there is already so much on blogs/instagram/pinterest about oils that I have no idea what else I will say. Eventually I will get around to a longer post about why we finally decided to take the plunge, but just know for now that we are loving them! 
::two:: Adoption stuff is moving right along! Again, not something that I feel needs a post of its own so I'll just quick recap. We had our first home study visit at the beginning of the month and our social worker will be coming down to visit our house next week! After she gets it all written up, we will be officially ready to take a baby whenever the Lord blesses us with one! Yay! 
::three:: I try to go to a few stores every year the day AFTER Christmas to buy discounted outfits and PJs for the kids for the following year. The main reason I love doing this is because by the time I get them out the next year I have totally forgotten what I bought and it's like going shopping without spending money since it has been a whole year. Love it! I vaguely remember that I couldn't find that much last year, but I snagged up quite a few cute pairs of PJs. And we totally wear Christmas PJs for like the whole year following...anyone else?! I pulled all the loot out this week!
::four:: I recently came across this AMAZING makeup line! I have been starting to look into using more natural beauty products and these are all natural, organic, vegan products. I asked for some for Christmas and can't wait to get my hands on this stuff! The best part is I actually found out that it is based really close to us! 

::five:: We are heading to Texas for Thanksgiving again this year, but this year we are going for a good long time! I am so excited. We are also driving there for the first time which is not so exciting, but plane tickets are getting too expensive as our family grows. Plus, we can stay longer this way because we don't have to work around flights! I am super excited for everything (swimming, warmer weather, Thanksgiving dinner, and time with my incredible family), but I am super SUPER excited because my little sister is captain of her cheer squad and they are cheering at the Texans game during half time while we're there! I have never seen her cheer so I am super excited to get to be there for it! 
Can't wait to see these three!! Happy Friday! 
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  1. Hi! question about the Oils-- with all of them and especially the diffuser-- do they smell really strong? we are all sensitive to scents/candles/perfumes and was just curious if these smell really strong.
    Thanks! Glad you get to go home for thanksgiving!

  2. You'll be in TEXAS! waa hoo! (or should I say yee haw!?)

  3. Thinking about dabbling in oils here soon - I put them on my Christmas list, and I'm especially excited about the diffuser! That's awesome that you're almost through the adoption process and can begin the wait! And I hope Texas warms up for your stay! It's freeeeeezing right now!


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