Monday, November 17, 2014

Naturally Lazy

I'm naturally lazy. Just going to get right to the point and throw it out there. Work is hard for me, as funny as that sounds. And I don't just mean hard, physical or exhausting work. Just anything. It's hard for me to make myself do the laundry instead of just plopping down in front of a movie. It's a challenge for me to choose to cook a meal instead of going out to eat. I have to force myself to clean the house instead of doing, well, basically anything else! I would rather take the easy way out on almost anything, and I always want the outcome without having to do the work to get it (i.e. I love clean sheets, but I hate stripping the bed, washing the sheets and putting them back on). 
I used to think that this was normal...who liked work, after all?! But I've come to really think that this is ingrained in who I am. I see similarities in other family members that make me think that it is some kind of genetic thing. My husband is NOT like this. Movie marathon on a rainy Saturday? Forget about it. He's good for about an episode of Revolution and then he's done. Ready to move on and go tackle a project. After marrying him, it was my first clue that everyone wasn't the same as me. I think part of it was that I was a bit in denial about how bad it really was. I honestly thought I just liked lounging/relaxing/taking it easy every now and then. I feel like this is all coming across really bad and I'm making myself sound like such a bum...I promise I'm not! All this to say that keeping a home, cooking, cleaning, etc. doesn't come naturally or easy for me! 
So how do I manage to not have laundry and dishes piling up every day? How do I make sure that my toilets aren't unsanitary, and that I am getting food on the table at every meal? 
The biggest thing is prayer. I have to consciously choose to live out God's Word in this area. This is what He is calling me to do. Yeah, it's harder for me than it might be for some other people, but I want to follow His command. In verse 13 of Proverbs 31, it says that the noble wife "works with eager hands". Did you get that? She works with eager hands. She doesn't just work. She doesn't just work hard. She works eagerly! The rest of the chapter goes on to talk about what that looks like for her. I want God to look at me and see that I am working eagerly! I want Him to to know that I'm not begrudgingly picking up millions of toys and cleaning the stove, but I'm doing it with a joyful heart! For Him! And for my family. Colossians 3:23 says "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men." In Titus 2, it encourages us to "be busy at home". Busy. Not lazy. 
The other big thing that I have to do is plan ahead. Making lists, having goals, telling my husband what I'm going to get done that day, etc. They all help me to hold myself accountable. Making check lists or spreadsheets, like this one, help me to know that I'm getting done what needs to get done. If I don't, then days pass, weeks pass, and everything is the same. That's not who God is calling me to be as a wife, mom and homemaker. 
I want to say that it gets easier all the time, but it really doesn't. I go through seasons of life where I'm more 'with it' and more eager to get things done, but I also go through seasons where I let lazy habits get the best of me, and my home and family suffer because of it. I have to choose each day to be proactive and be a 'do-er'. 
How about you? Are there any other naturally lazy people out there? Are you like me, or are you more like my husband and a bit of a 'go-getter'? 
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  1. I'm like your husband. I don't rest. haha :)

  2. I'm definitely like you Natalie, glad I'm not alone in this! It's so easy to let things pile up and then they just seem too overwhelming to start! I've been asking Jake recently how I can serve him everyday and that has helped me to know where his priorities are. I've also been working on changing my mindset about housework to a way I can serve him (and therefore God) which has been helpful. Also, jamming to music definitely makes housework easier! :D


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