Monday, December 8, 2014

Adoption Thoughts

Things have been pretty quiet on the adoption front lately. That is mostly because not a whole lot is going on. 
We had our final home study visit right before Thanksgiving and our social worker is working on writing up our report now. I am pretty sure we are good on that front because she called us a "slam dunk case". Not saying that to brag, but just because it is a sigh of relief to hear something like that from someone who is carefully evaluating every aspect of your life. That can be a little nerve wracking! 
I am working on getting pictures to our consultant for our profile book. I am struggling to find as many photos of my husband and I as we need because ever since kids came into the picture, apparently we only take pictures of them! They're so dang cute! Thankfully our consultant will put the whole thing together for us. We answer a bunch of questions and send in a bunch of pictures and she takes it from there. I can't even imagine where I would begin. Thinking about that book being THE THING that will allow someone to place their baby in our arms. Someone they may have never met and only know what is inside the covers of that book. Again, nerve wracking. 

^^ Seriously, though. I know I'm biased, but come on....
As of right now, I feel really at peace about the baby God will choose for us. I just know that even if we hear "no's" before we hear "yes's" that that is someone else's baby. Maybe this will change once we start presenting, but right now I feel really good with it. I know God has the perfect soul picked out for our family.
I also feel like I'm not in the biggest hurry in the world. One of the reasons we went with a consultant is because it speeds up the process by sometimes YEARS, but I feel ok waiting right now. Again, this will probably change at some point, but I just feel really ok with it all right now. 
Finances are still stressful, as I imagine they are for anyone adopting. It is hard to imagine where all of that money is going to come from, but God has already given us a couple of cool provision stories that I can't wait to share when all is said and done! Once our home study is done, we will be able to start applying for grants and covenant loans and we are really praying hard that we get some. 
I've been thinking a lot about our birth mom lately. Is she already pregnant? If so, has she already decided to place the baby? I have been thinking about what an emotional process this will be for her. Its such a bittersweet thing. I know I will be so happy when someone entrusts us with their precious child, but so sad for their loss at the same time. 
It is also really weird for me to not know if our baby is already growing. They could be anything from not even conceived yet, to almost a full size baby ready to be born in a few months. So weird. I try not to think about those things too often, because there is no way to know and I will drive myself crazy thinking about it. 
That's pretty much all I have to say about adoption right now. A total brain spew, but that's where we're at. 
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  1. Oh, I I'm so excited for y'all! And, yes. They're cute! ;)


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