Friday, December 5, 2014

Day in the Life

Thursday, December 4, 2014
I used to do Day in the Life posts pretty regularly and I love looking back at them on my old blog to see what we were up to at what stages of life! I really cherish them and I think that reading other people's are fun too so hopefully I won't be the only one who gets enjoyment out of this ;) 
7:30 a.m.- Big sis wakes up. This is a little early for her, but we are still getting on track from being on vacation for a long time. She comes into our bed and I turn a show on the laptop for her while I try to wake up. Daddy gets dressed, gets little sis, who is now making noise, up and puts her in bed with us. They eat breakfast and dad leaves for work. 
8:00 a.m.- I am pretty much up and at 'em by this point. I go eat breakfast and tidy up a few things. The girls come out from the bedroom and start asking what we are going to do that day. I am still getting caught up from our trip since we've only been home 2 days so I don't have any plans really. I pull out beef to thaw for dinner, and start the dishwasher. 
8:30 a.m.- I need to make goodies for a class I'm having tonight, so I let the girls help me mix up some brownies. They think doing anything in the kitchen is the best thing ever, so this highly entertains them. Also, one kid has gotten herself dressed by this point and the other one and I decide to declare it a jammie day.
9:15 a.m. ish- We are finished up in the kitchen and playing in the living room. I make the bed and tidy up a few things and then ask the girls to help me clean up the living room. We all pick up together and they do a great job. They are getting really good at picking up well. After we pick up, I vacuum the main floor and the girls play while the brownies finish baking. 
9:30-45 ish- Brownies are done so we take them out and head down to the basement to play. 
10:00 a.m.- I fold a load of laundry that I had in the dryer from last night and the girls are busy playing-going from the play room to the family room and playing with any and everything. 
10:15ish- Since they are busy, I decide to put all of our pictures from the trip on the computer so I can get them off my camera. While I'm doing that, I see the pictures I've taken of our house and community and realize I REALLY need to finish gathering pictures for our adoption profile book. I am almost done with it but stumped for like 3 more pictures...ahhh! My dad took this picture of us while we were in Texas because we really needed a more current picture of just the two of us...the girls are always in our pictures! 
About 10:30 - The girls have been playing happily and my oldest asks if they can watch a movie. I am still in the middle of gathering pictures so I agree and we look at movies on Netflix. I was going to put on a Christmas movie, but then I see there is a Veggie Tales movie about Jonah and I'm not sure what the deal is but she recently got REALLY into that story and thinks it is the funniest thing ever, so we decide on that. 
11:15- Everyone is getting antsy and hungry so we turn everything off and head back upstairs. Actually I think I took the little upstairs to change a diaper, and then the dog and sister followed shortly after and we all stayed upstairs.  
11:30- Everyone is begging for lunch. We typically don't eat until around noon, but we got up earlier than normal so I fix lunch and we all eat. 
12:00 noon- I get the dishwasher unloaded and put lunch dishes back in. Big sis helps by putting all of their dishes away in the pantry. When we are done, the girls start playing some game that involves dragging the Christmas blanket and a pillow from the living room, down the hall and into the bathroom and back again a hundred times. Random. 
12:20 ish- I get everyone settled down on the couch and have each girl pick out a book. 1 book each is never enough so we end up reading about 6 total and then it's time to get ready for naps. 
12:40- I take one girl potty, change a diaper and lay the girls down a little early today. 
12:50- I settle down at the kitchen table to have my quiet time. I am reading in Luke right now and really enjoying going through the gospels. 

About 1:10- I start writing this post and catch up on some emails and Facebook. 

1:40- I get up to finally get ready for the day and get my house a little cleaner for the class I'm hosting tonight. 

Sat back down at the computer to work on some Project: On Purpose stuff and a few drafts on here. 

3:20- I hear a little voice from the other side of the wall next to me. I go get my little one up and sister is still sleeping. We snuggle for a minute (how is she always so warm and soft when she wakes up?!) and then I get her a snack. She sits with me at the table while I keep working and she eats grapes, trying to wake up-crazy bed head and all.

About 3:45-Sister wakes up. She is not in a pleasant mood so she hangs out on the couch for a bit and eats a pouch. Then mostly just mopes around for awhile. Such is life sometimes, right?! 

4:00-I shut down the computer and we head to the living room to snuggle and read books. 

4:30- Daddy gets home! Yay! We all keep hanging out on the couch, reading books and cuddling. 

4:45ish-I get up to start on dinner. I am keeping it simple tonight...brown rice & quinoa pasta with meat sauce, and caesar salad. 

5:30- We are done eating and I do a quick clean up in the kitchen. We tidy up the living room again and finish up some things around the house before my class.

6:00- People start arriving for the class. I am hosting it but someone else is teaching it. It is on Young Living essential oils, which our family started using a few months ago.

6:30-8:15- Daddy and the girls go play at the library while we have the class. It is all really interesting and good. I learned a few new things this time, too! 

8:30- The last of the people leave around now and the girls head to bed but have a hard time settling down so they don't end up actually going to sleep until about 9:30. My husband and I lounge on the couch and relax while catching up on social media, etc. Then he gets us a snack and we head to our bedroom. We talk about the day and about oil and health stuff, watch 1 episode of a show and turn out the lights.

10:30- We attempt to go to sleep, but start talking about things and end up being up until about 11:30-oops! That happens to us often though...I love talking to that guy! 

That was our day. Besides the oil class, it's a pretty typical winter stay at home day for our family! 

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