Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to Date Your Spouse...When You Don't Have Time

Life just gets really busy, doesn't it? It gets in the way of so many things, including making time to date your honey. It's a shame, really, when you think about how infrequently so many couples take the time to date and make time for each other. 
The last few years of our life has been consistently busy between planting a church, my husband finishing up a second degree, and having little kids. Finding time to date has been tricky. We have slowly, but surely, gotten a little better at making time for a somewhat regular date night and it has been wonderful for us. I just love spending time with that guy! 
Kill two birds dates
A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law offered to watch our girls every other week so we could have either a date night or work on projects around the house (we are still finishing up our basement and I always have DIY projects I'm wanting to complete). My husband and I talked about how great this will be because even if we are in the garage making a headboard together, we can totally make it a date night. Order some take out, put on some music, and let the conversation flow while we sand and paint together. #qualitytime 
Lunch dates
I love lunch dates. Something about snagging up your love in the middle of the day for an hour is wonderful. Majority of the time when we have lunch together, the girls are with us, but we have had a few times where it's just the two of us and it is so fun. I know its not possible for everyone, but maybe you can tack a 45 minute lunch onto an appointment, or bring lunch to your husband's office and eat in the conference room. Get creative. Even better if you can surprise him! 
Late night dates
Sometimes you just need the neighbors to come over for an hour at 9:30 p.m. so you and your husband can go on a walk around the block a few times and catch up on your week, hand in hand. Sometimes you just need to take the monitor outside at 10 p.m. and sit by the fire pit together, wrapped up into a blanket. Even though these late dates might take place when you're exhausted and would rather have your head on the pillow, these times can be some of the best. Committing to spend an hour at the end of the day together says a lot! 
Dessert dates
If you don't have a few hours to commit to appetizers, dinner and drinks, just skip all of that and go for dessert. Maybe you can sneak out after the kids go to bed, or maybe you can drop them at a friends house for an hour before bed while you go get a molten lava cake to share. 
Active dates
If you have to work out, you might as well do it together. One of our favorite things to do together is go for bike rides. Sometimes we just go up to a park and back, and other times we'll take several hours and do 20 miles on the trail. Either way, it's such a good time talking and sharing our dreams, AND boom, work out done. 
When all else fails, the best thing I can say is to make time. It is hard, I know. Our lives are busy and there are millions of things begging for our attention. But what better thing to spend time on than building into your husband and your marriage? 
What other tips do you have for squeezing in dates when you're strapped for time? 
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