Friday, January 23, 2015

Wholesome Netflix Choices for Kids

If you are anything like me, you are consistently shocked at the things they put in kids shows and movies! Even shows that would be considered pretty clean by most standards surprise me sometimes. It can be really hard to find shows that you want your kids to actually sit down and watch.  I want my kids to be watching things that I know I approve of. 

Here is a list of some of our favorite and parent approved wholesome, clean choices for kids on Netflix Streaming. Even shows such as Arthur, can sometimes be like "wait, what?!" to me, so just know that these shows are ones that I think any family would find appropriate and clean, with good morals and story lines. I have not watched every episode of every show, so don't sue me if something sneaks in there. Like when Peppa Pig taught my 3 year old the word "stupid"....that was devastating. Anyway...
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood 
I feel like almost everyone who knows my kids know that they are biiiiiig Daniel Tiger fans. Let's be real, their daddy and I are, too. What's not to love about DT? It's a spin off of Mr. Roger's {helloooo childhood memories}, teaches good morals, and really helps kids to learn and identify their emotions. Plus, they have cute songs that teach lessons that kids can apply to their lives. 

Veggie Tales 
If you've never seen or heard of Veggie Tales, the jist is that they are a bunch of vegetables who tell stories from scripture. It is a really cute and God honoring show. Netflix currently carries 9 Veggie Tales movies on Streaming, and they just came out with a Netflix exclusive Veggie Tales show with several episodes! I am really excited for this, because typically my kids don't last through an entire VT movie, so I think they'll love the shorter episodes! 

Handy Manny
My husband actually first got into this show for the kids and kept telling me what a nice show it is. Manny is a bilingual repair guy who has tools who help him fix things around town. It is just a really sweet show and good at teaching kids problem solving. 

Super Why
Super Why is a wonderful show about a super hero named Whyatt who has to go into stories to fix problems in them. He needs "super readers" to help him. It is really educational, and my kids have actually learned a lot from this show. 

Peg + Cat
This is a cute little show about a girl (Peg) and her cat (Cat), who have to solve problems throughout the show. It is mostly math based. The animation is really unique, because the whole show takes place with a graph paper with illustrations as the background. My brother and his family first introduced us to this show, and my kids have been enjoying it. 

Angelina Ballerina
Angelina is a cute little mouse who loves ballet (bet you couldn't tell that from the title, huh).  I haven't noticed any other super common themes within each episode except for her love for ballet, but she is a nice girl with nice friends and the show is cute and very girly. 

Busytown Mysteries
Another childhood throwback. This is a little spinoff of the Richard Scarry books. The little cats solve mysteries and adventures in Busytown. It is a pretty simple show, but a cute one. 

Justin Time 
This is a pretty new show to us, but it seems good so far. Justin and two of his little "friends" go into make believe scenarios to solve typical problems that kids face. I think it is a good use of showing a child with a big imagination. 

I know there are many more awesome shows out there. These are just some of our favorites and the ones we have found to be the most appropriate for our toddlers. 

What other shows would you recommend for young kids that are available on Netflix? 
Do you have any favorite kids' shows that aren't on Netflix?! 

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