Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little Things That Make a Big Difference In Your Marriage

Life and marriage can be overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes we get so caught up in the big things and the big picture that we are overwhelmed by it all. Sometimes in our marriages we feel like everything is piling up and there are all of these huge overwhelming things going on (not always necessarily bad things). What we fail to often see is that there are so many little things we can be doing each and every day with our spouse that can be a big difference within our marriage. 

Say "I Love You"--My husband is the best about this. He always says I love you. Whether we are on a 2 second phone call to confirm plans or he is leaving for the day, he always, always says it. I have noticed everyone in his family does as well, so I'm sure that's where it comes from. It is so nice to hear because who doesn't love being told I love you?! It just brightens up your mood every time. I think sometimes after people have been together a long time either they don't say it as often, or they say it but without any meaning. Say it like you mean it and say it often! 

Greet them when they walk in the door--This is something I almost had to teach myself to do. My husband almost always gets home from work when I am cooking dinner or changing a diaper or doing some chore and it is so easy to just yell a "hey!" from the kitchen and not really stop to give him a hug and say hello. It makes a HUGE difference to show them that you missed them while they were gone and are happy they are home. 

Hug--I feel like hugging can easily be one of those things you just stop doing after awhile. Or forget to do. Or just don't make a priority. It can really make you feel connected. If you have kids, taking time to hug in front of them can always show them that your marriage is a top priority and shows them that mom and dad love each other. 

Do something for them-- I'm not necessarily talking any grand gesture here, but just doing a little something for them every day. I know my husband really appreciates the rare occasion where I get up and make him a nice breakfast before church. It makes my day when he unloads the dishwasher. Little things like that each day can definitely show your spouse how much you care for them. 

What little things do you do in your marriage to make a big difference? 

Since we are talking about marriage, I want to give a big shout out to my sweet husband, whose birthday it is today! I am so thankful for him today and every day but especially love celebrating him on this day each year! Happy birthday honey! 
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