Friday, February 20, 2015

Trips, Homeschool and Winter

Just a little life update in bullet point form:
  • I left my babies for the first time to go be with my family in Colorado for a funeral. I had left them once overnight before, but I was back within 24 hours. This time, I left on a Thursday afternoon and came back the following Monday night. We all survived!
  • Because of said trip, I have been catching up on life the past week and a half or so. Laundry, cleaning, and just getting back into a routine. I always take awhile to get back after it after being gone. 
  • My oldest daughter has been asking me to do homeschool for awhile. She is about 3 1/2 so I was planning on waiting until at least fall to start a very relaxed preschool type thing, if not waiting until the fall after that to do preschool. She has been asking so much and so excited about it that I decided to try just a few small things. I don't really think it could qualify as home school, but she likes to call the activities that, so we'll go with it. This week, we did Daniel Tiger activities from 1+1+1=1. She has loved every second of it. Even though we won't start anything formal for awhile, it made me realize I need to be better about doing structured learning and activities with her because she eats it up. 
  • Winter has been semi-mild compared to some years, but it has also been a little bit backwards. We had days that were in the 40's in January when it is typically below 0, and now it is way below 0 when it should be starting to warm up a little bit. I won't complain about it since it wasn't nearly as long as normal winter, but I am sure ready for spring!
  • Speaking of spring. I am dreaming about days of playing in the backyard all morning, eating a picnic lunch, going on bike rides, running through the sprinkler, grilling out, going to the splash pad and park and all of the other fun summer brings! We've been hanging tight with lots of fun activities to keep us busy inside.
  • Back to my first point: when I was in Colorado, I got the joy of hanging out with my adorable niece the days I was there. I just love her so much! She is my first and only niece and the absolute cutest! 

  • I decided to do a 60 day real food challenge (that I made up--it's basically whole 30 modified to include beans, some grains like oatmeal and rice, and natural sugars) with one cheat a week. I need consistency and hoping this will help. There were a lot of things I loved and hated about whole 30, so hopefully this will be the best of both worlds! I am seriously craving some chocolate, though. 
  • This was kind of a draining week adoption wise and I am just looking forward to some family time this weekend!
What's on your schedule for the weekend?! Happy Friday! 
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