Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2 Years Old

My youngest daughter turned 2 yesterday! It is so hard to believe. Kids lives fly by so fast, but I think the subsequent children go by even faster than the oldest one. It is just crazy! It really seems like we were JUST in the hospital, but at the same time I can't remember life without her. I am sure you all know how that goes. 
We had a really fun day yesterday! 
We had planned to go out for donuts, but she slept in until about 10:00 (yay!) and then we opened gifts and got ready and it was almost 11. We asked her if she wanted to get donuts or go to Chick Fil A and of course she wanted CFA (we love it and go there way too often). She got to FaceTime with her grammie after she woke up! 
She was blessed with lots of fun packages from her Grammie and Aunt, Uncle & cousin and opened her gifts from us and sister as well. 
She had an eager helper who was ready to help her rip all the paper off, too (notice the fingers in the right hand corner...)!

So we went to Chick Fil A, ate an early lunch and played for a little while, but it was like Mom central in that place and just packed full of kids. 

We had plans to take her to one of those paint your own pottery places, so we did that after lunch! The girls were at really good ages for it and they had just a great time painting. They both picked out their own piece (a plate and a "frog, ribbit ribbit") and colors. Such concentration and love went into those pieces. We can go pick them up next week after they are done in the kiln. 

After that, we went and let her pick out 2 balloons for 2 years and that might have been her favorite part of the day. She was so happy about her balloons. Then we went home for a late nap. Sister napped, but the birthday girl was pretty juiced and since she slept in she never did nap. We got her up since she was clearly not going to sleep and she watched the new Daniel Tiger DVD she got from her Uncle, Aunt and cousin! 
Just after that, the mail man stopped by with another box from my dad, step mom and sister so she opened that and got right to work on her train. She had specifically asked for a green train the other day and they delivered! (literally)

After sister woke up we went outside (we are finally having beautiful weather!) and blew bubbles, did chalk and just played in the front yard for a little bit. It is so hilarious and ironic to watch them shoveling snow in their short sleeves in the 60 degree sunshine! We decided to grill out for dinner since we had lunch out so we went to get the propane filled and get some food to grill. We went to the store with kid carts that we never go to and they were just thrilled.
We came home and Daddy grilled while we played outside, then we had dinner with the back door open (amazing!) and then went for ice cream with Grandma, Gramps, Auntie and her boyfriend! The birthday girl got showered with some more presents. She is one loved little 2 year old! 

We got home, FaceTimed with another set of grandparents and put that exhausted birthday girl to bed! 
I told my husband that I feel like each of the girl's birthdays are so sentimental and emotional. Each one just seems so special and I love thinking back to the day they were born and past birthdays. Each year it seems impossible that they are another year older, but I always look forward to what is to come. 
I am so blessed by this little lady. I love the joy she exudes and her funny personality. I love how she loves everyone and the way she twirls her curls when she's tired or bored. She is the perfect little addition to our family and we are so glad God is loaning her to us in this life! Happy birthday my sweet angel! 

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