Monday, March 30, 2015

Gender Reveal Party

One of my dearest friends had the most adorable gender reveal party last weekend and I am so excited to share the pictures from it. She and her mom came up with the cutest ideas and it all turned out just perfectly! 

When you first came in, they had a cute little pink & blue table all set up. A chalkboard where you could place your vote, pictures of them both as newborns, mustaches and lips on a stick, pink and blue candy, ultrasound pictures, and a jar to place name suggestions. Our family was split 50/50 on the gender so that was fun! 

Of course they had adorable gender themed refreshments...

They came up with a cute little game where we split into teams based on our gender vote and had nerf gun wars. 

Obviously we needed a group photo! It was pretty split as far as guesses! I was on team blue, just in case you were wondering ;) 

And for the big reveal! They had their moms come to the ultrasound with them and the tech told their moms who went shopping to get something gender appropriate for the reveal. It was so much fun to watch their faces when they found out! Both of them were guessing a girl! 
Megan's mom handed them both a box and told them they had to open them at the exact same time to find out! Brett was super excited to fling the lid off of his! And it's a.....
"Wait, I'm confused...what's in yours?" 
The moms got everyone pretty good with a bunch of yellow! 
Ok now onto the REAL reveal...
I think the parents-to-be were more than ready to find out! 

Don't you just love those happy smiles?! It was so much fun capturing the progression of Dad's face as he realized he is going to have a SON! I think they were both very surprised which made it even more fun! 

The happy parents and excited cousin!

Aren't they adorable?! Love you guys! 

Have you been to any gender reveals lately?! What were they having? 

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