Monday, March 23, 2015

Signs of Spring

We've been seeing a lot more sunshine and it has certainly been feeling like Spring is here! I am very thankful. Honestly, I have never been much of a Spring girl. I feel like oftentimes it is just a tease. It gets warm, or even hot, only to dump one last snow on you again. Everything is brown and dead and muddy. But this year, I am thankful to be playing outside! I'm glad to have lunch at the picnic table, and let my kids play with chalk for hours. Spring this year feels better than ever! I am excited to start seeing more green, more leaves and more things blooming soon! Here are some of my favorite signs of spring lately: 

A chalk covered booty. I mean. 

t-ball and sunshine. 
burgers on the grill. amIright?
bubbles. so many bubbles. 
pulling out the egg wreath. every year when I pull this thing out of storage I am pretty sure it actually screams SPRING at me! 

We hope you are enjoying Spring as much as we are this year <3

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