Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adoption Update + Pin Crazy

I keep getting requests for what has been going on in our adoption process lately.
On the one hand, not a whole lot. But on the other hand, a whole lot.
Not a whole lot because we are doing a lot of waiting. Waiting to hear back from grants we have applied to. Waiting to get situations from our consultant. Waiting to be chosen by an expectant mother. Waiting for updates when we do present our profile. Waiting and planning fundraisers. Waiting. 
But a whole lot because we have been presenting to birth moms. We have been praying over so many situations that we see and asking God to guide our steps. Each situation that we receive by email requires us taking it to the Lord's feet and seeing what He'll do with it. Do we present? Do we not present? What if we want to present but the fee for that one is way outside of our budget? What if we feel like we should present but don't want to right now? Then we present (6 times now) and we have to wait and pray for an answer. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes it takes weeks. Sometimes we get other situations we are interested in while we are waiting to hear back from the one we presented to but we can't present to more than one at a time so we have to wait only to hear no from the one we presented to. It can definitely weigh on you emotionally and spiritually. Even physically for me. The first couple times we presented I had a hard time sleeping well because my mind was racing about it. Sometimes we will present to a mother whose baby has already been born. In those cases it is really hard not to be Type A and plan because you may need to hop on a plane the very next day if she chooses you. But you have to guard your heart so you aren't broken if you hear no. You just never know what it'll look like. Every situation is different and that can be hard. 
Of course God is using this experience to grow us. A lot. Like He always does with big stuff like this. 
For right now, we decided to take a little break from presenting to birth moms. We presented to 6 mamas in less than 3 months so we have basically been in a constant state of presenting and in limbo since they take a week or two sometimes from the time you get the situation, you decide to present, send in your profile and wait for her to decide. It has been hard to plan fundraisers and do things like that being in this constant state of waiting to hear back. We don't want to put a ton of hard work into planning only to be chosen and have to cancel the whole thing (obviously that would be a wonderful problem to have). So for right now we are taking a little time off from presenting while we plan our first big fundraising event that is happening in just a few weeks. We are continuing to pray and ask God to guide our steps and help us to know which situations to present to. We have a lot of questions and are doing our best to discern and have wisdom about everything, but it is hard. We appreciate your prayers as we continue to wait for our baby and raise funds in the meantime. We continue to be hopeful about receiving some grants as that would take off a huge financial strain for us. 
Now on a lighter note, it's time for another Pin Crazy party!

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