Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter 2015 Recap

Easter came and went really quickly this year! It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas, but we are already more than 1/4 of the way there again! We had a pretty low key, but really lovely, Easter this year!
Saturday, we went to an Easter party at our library. Our library always has fun events for kiddos and this one was definitely not a let down. They had a bunch of craft and game stations, the Easter bunny was there and then they had a little parade and egg hunt in the square outside. Our kids have never seen the Easter bunny, but my oldest daughter loves anything like it--the Chick Fil A cow, or anything dressed up in a costume so she was pumped to run right over and hop on his (its?) lap. 
Easter morning we woke up and quickly did Easter gifts. I skipped their baskets this year because I just had a couple things I wanted to give them. They each got rainboots that light up and a new swimsuit--I try to do things they need for spring/summer at Easter. We did that pretty quickly so no pictures unfortunately. My husband took the girls out and got some cute pictures of them while I was getting ready for church.

After church they had an egg hunt for the kiddos and the girls had a blast finding eggs that were in plain sight, haha.

After church, we went home to change clothes and get a few things and then headed to my in laws where my husband's extended family was gathering. We had a big Easter lunch that was delicious (well, I ate whole 30, but mine was still good) and the kids played. The girls decided they wanted to hide AND find their own Easter eggs. All the adults were like, alright. But we did move some around so they actually had to search. 

Apparently that was the egg to have....
We played some games, the girls opened their bags from the grandparents and we just hung out until we all went home and they passed out in a sugar coma! 
We hope your Easter was wonderful, as well! 

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