Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How I'm Doing This Whole 30 Differently

Last May I did a whole 30 with my husband, which was really a whole 25. After that, I swore I would never do another one. Mainly because once I stopped it, I couldn't stop eating all the junk I couldn't have on whole 30, which completely defeats the purpose of it. I felt so deprived during it that I spent the next few months making up for what I didn't eat that month. A month or so ago, when I brought up the idea of doing another one, I knew immediately that there were several things I would do differently this time around to make it more sustainable and less miserable for me. So far, it has gone much more smoothly this time around-physically, emotionally, in terms of food, everything! So here is what I am doing differently: 
Planning out dinner for the whole month
I always meal plan. Usually I do it for a week at a time instead of a month because that just works out better for our family. I don't usually know what we will be doing in 2 or 3 weeks. Last whole 30 was no exception, but by about half way through I was running out of ideas, nothing sounded good, etc. This time, I took a few weeks before I started, compiled all of my favorite recipes from last time and looked for a few new ones to fill in the blanks and made a spread sheet. I came up with 15 days worth of dinners and then planned to just repeat them for the second half. Eating the same thing every week, I may get sick of it, but only twice a month is fine for me. So far this has worked out SO well. I put in all the ingredients I would need, so each week I go and make my grocery list and I'm all set. Easy!
Eating the same thing for breakfast for a week at a time
One of the worst things last time was that I got SO sick of eggs. I hated everything about eggs because I ate them so much and didn't do a good job of planning ahead for breakfast. If I didn't plan anything, I ended up eating scrambled eggs. This time, I knew that would happen again so I decided to eat the same thing every day for a week for breakfast and that way as I'm starting to get sick of it, I'll move to something else. I can make up a quiche and eat on it for the whole week, or I can dice potatoes for potatoes o'brien to cook each morning. It has been really easy and so far I am not sick of breakfast.
Not trying to make whole 30 versions of something
...for the most part. I did make a whole 30 compliant mayo so I could make deviled eggs and egg salad and that has been good. But last time I would try this intricate, complicated recipe and it would be a total flop. Like zucchini fritters. Just no. It didn't work at all. This time I decided to not even try with that and just stick to not trying to go out of my way to make something with expensive ingredients that I don't have and will never use again. 
Snacking less
Last time, I didn't snack a TON, but I kind of depended on a little snack to get me through the day and night. I think I never mentally got over feeling like I needed something to eat when I was doing this. I have still snacked a bit this round, but only when I am actually hungry and not just feel like eating to eat or out of boredom.
Having balanced meals
As I started getting into a food boredom phase last time, I turned to Larabars, nuts, snacks, fruit, etc. to get me through. This turned out really bad because I would eat a Larabar for breakfast since nothing else sounded good, but then I'd be hungry again an hour later and would eat a little something else and so on. I also noticed that when I didn't eat a well balanced meal I would be hungry a lot sooner, so this time I am really aiming to have enough protein and healthy fat at each meal along with produce of course. 
Not dwelling on what I can't have
Last time I think this really set me back. I was constantly thinking about the food I wanted to be eating but couldn't. Mentally this hurt me because all I wanted to do was eat that food instead of the healthy food I could have. This time, I didn't necessarily set out to not do this, but I realized a few days into it when my husband pointed out how well it was going this time that I had been doing that and now I have aimed to continue. Instead of dwelling on the buns my family is having on their hamburgers, I just enjoy the bun-less burger I am having instead. It has been a game changer to switch my mindset in this way! 
So far, this whole 30 has gone a lot better than my first one and I am hoping it stays that way. I really think I have some stomach issues that are food related and I am guessing the culprit is either dairy or gluten so it will be interested to completely clear my system out and reintroduce and see what happens! I am anxious to continue learning more about how I can fuel my body well and that is something I couldn't say last time. Last time I was anxious to get my hands on donuts and pizza again! 
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