Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day In The Life

I love doing Day in the Life posts and try to do them about once or twice a year just so that I can look back and see what we were up to at each stage of my kids lives. Things change so quickly and it is easy to forget! I did them pretty regularly on my old blog and love looking back and seeing what our days were like and how they have changed in just a few years! The last time I did one was in December, and you can read it here if you'd like. 
Monday, May 18, 2015
8:00: I wake up on my own (almost never happens) and realize that my husband is also still in bed and kids aren't awake yet. Close my eyes and fall back asleep. 
Around 8:30 (I think): one kiddo wakes up and the other is still sleeping. She has breakfast and watches a show on the computer while daddy and I slowwwwly wake up. Mondays are hard.
9:00: Finally up and at 'em. Girls are still finishing up breakfast (they eat slow in the mornings) at the table.
9:20: I get myself breakfast (4 eggs, with salt & pepper--keeping it simple today) and eat. 
9:35: Wrap things up in the kitchen and go have the girls start getting ready. We pick out their clothes and they get dressed, then we finish up in the bathroom with brushing teeth, fixing their hair, etc. The girls go out to play in the living room while I get ready to go. I just quickly throw in a braid, a little bit of makeup and am good to go. 
9:55ish: Get some packages ready to be mailed for family birthdays coming up!
10:05: We finally have shoes on and are out the door to run errands. We head to the FedEx store to package and mail gifts, to the bank and then to Aldi for groceries. 
11:55: We get home and start unloading groceries. I have the best little helpers who do the fridge while I do the pantry! 

12:05: Groceries are put away and I start getting lunch fixed for the girls. 
12:15: I get the girls at the table and eating, throw my lunch together quickly and eat with them. I'm having a little southwestern "salad" of black beans, corn, left over rotisserie chicken, avocado and salsa and a handful of grapes on the side. 
12:30: I'm done with lunch and start working on the tornado that hit my kitchen this weekend while the girls finish up and eventually head to the living room to play. We were busy a lot of this weekend and normally dishes are not something I let myself get behind on because a full sink and dishes on the counter stresses.me.out. but that's what happened and I am paying for it now! The girls are pretending to be a pizza lady and mail lady and keep bringing me "pizza" and "mail" while I'm cleaning up. 
12:55: Done with the kitchen and I head to the couch where the girls are reading books. I read them a book and we head to the bathroom for potty breaks, then into their bedroom and they get tucked in, prayers and songs. 
1:05: Girls are in bed and I head back out to the couch for my quiet time.
1:25: I start getting some work done on the computer. Checking and answering emails, work for the moms fitness group I lead, Project: On Purpose stuff and start writing this post. I actually set a timer for 30 minutes so I don't get side tracked and it goes really fast. 
1:55: Re set the timer for 10 more minutes so I can make some headway on this post. 
2:05: Shut the computer and get the living room picked up and other random chores around the house. 
2:30: Thinking that someone will wake up any minute, I don't want to get started on anything so I sit down to finish a book I'm almost through with. 
3:00: Still no one is up and I am just finishing up my book.
3:10: I usually eat a snack with them when they wake up but apparently they are sleepy heads today and I am hungry, so I eat sweet potato chips. 
3:20: I read some messages and look through instagram on my phone. 
3:40: STILL not awake (not complaining one bit) so I get back on the computer to dump the pictures I've taken already today and put them in this post. Keep writing this post and finish up some other work on the computer.

4:00: They finally emerge! I was going to wake them up around 4 if they weren't up anyway, otherwise bedtime would be rough. I get them a snack and one of them is still pretty groggy and wants to watch a show so I agree to one episode of Daniel Tiger.

4:10: I go do a little dinner prep while they are watching their show. 

4:20: Their show is over so we play a bit in the living room. I read them a few books and we cuddle on the couch. 

4:45: I head back into the kitchen to make dinner and they pick back up on their mail and pizza lady game. I should have gotten a picture of this--they took these blue reusable grocery bags and put one handle around their neck and the bag hanging down their front so it looked like a mail bag. It was pretty funny! 

5:00: Daddy is home! Yay! 

5:10ish: We sit down to eat dinner. We are having pasta (spaghetti squash for me, brown rice quinoa pasta for them) with meat sauce, bread and Caesar salad. 

5:40: We are done with dinner. I clean up the pots and pans and the family plays. 

6:15: We get bundled up and ready to head to hubby's softball game. We were going to play at the park for a bit first but it is pretty chilly so we just sit in the car for a few minutes and then head over to the diamond. 

7:00: My dear friend Megan suggests we get hot chocolate because it is soooo cold out! We are all bundled up in coats, hats for the girls and blankets. 

7:20: We get back to the game with hot chocolate and I meant to take pictures but I am too busy snuggling under a blanket and trying to keep warm! 

8:15: Game is over and we head back to the cars to warm up! 

8:30: Home! Get the girls ready for bed. Potty, brush teeth, pajamas and clean faces and hands. We all pile into our bed under the big comforter to try to get warm. We have recently started a new routine of getting in our bed for a little bit before bedtime to wind down. We get in, talk about whatever they want to talk about, then they each get to pick a short song to sing (one always picks you are my sunshine and the other always picks skinamarink), then one "Jesus" song (tonight it was My Lighthouse by Rend Collective) for me to sing. Then we each take turns praying and I love hearing their sweet little prayers and what is important to them. One of them tonight prayed something to the effect of "Thank you for taking all of our sins away and thank you for yummy hot chocolate at the softball game" ha! It has really helped for them to wind down this way.

9:00: Finally in bed! (They normally are in bed between 8 and 8:30 but the game ran late).

9:05: I am on the couch in pajamas getting ready to finish this post. Hubby makes me a snack and after this I am planning to get back in bed and maybe watch a show because I am still really cold! Hopefully I will be asleep by 10:30 or 11! 
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