Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day

I'm back! I took a little hiatus for the summer...mostly unintentional and simply because of how many other things we have going on. I have missed blogging and writing and having an outlet. I feel like I need to play catch up, so I'll share a little of what we have been up to, but first! We started preschool today in our home! I am still completely in navigation mode when it comes to homeschooling, but I am so excited! One of the things I've been trying hard to figure out is how to do homeschool with kids of different ages. Right now, we are really casually schooling, since my older daughter has a birthday right after the cut off she will have 2 years of preschool. Which means that my little one, who of course wouldn't want to be left out, would have 3 years of this. So we are taking it easy, playing and having fun with learning. So it was officially my big girl's first day of preschool today, and the little one tagged along and did some activities with us as well :) 
Don't ask me when she grew up because I have NO idea.
Little sis needed her own pic...
Way too cute, aren't they?! 
I will share more about our homeschool journey/process/what we're doing and learning soon! 
Some of what we were busy with this summer...
My husband started a new job beginning of July that has been great, but of course comes with adjustments.
I did daycare for 2 little boys in June & July so that took up majority of my time, but was fun for everyone!
We went on a family reunion vacation to Branson with some of my family which was so great!
We all got sick for a little while after!
I have been dabbling more with photography and have had fun doing sessions for some sweet families. I even got to help a friend shoot a wedding which was really fun and scary! 
Besides all of those big things, we've just been busy enjoying summer...splash pads, swimming, parks, long walks, and all of that fun stuff! I will share more about that all soon! 
How was your summer?! 

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