Thursday, September 10, 2015

Apple Orchard Visit

The apple orchard is one of those things that goes on our bucket list every fall, and I have been saying that I want to do it every year since we've had babies, but for some reason, we never make it to one. Well, this year, we did! 
We have been learning about apples for the last 2 weeks in preschool (which I will share more about soon), so I knew it would be the perfect tie in. We learned all about the life cycle of an apple a day or 2 before we went, so the girls thought it was really cool to actually get to pick the apples off of the trees. It's the little things! 
Here are some photos from our fun morning at the orchard! 

Got their buckets and ready to go! No time for pictures, Mom. 

Checking out her loot!

A rare photo of me with my sweeties! My little one has developed an awesome cheeeeese face recently! 

It was super hot out the day we went, of course. We had to take plenty of breaks to hydrate!

I love these rosy cheeked apple pickers!

We went back inside to get an applesauce popsicle and wait for the tractor to return so we could go on a ride! 

We explored around a little bit outside while waiting on the tractor.

And we finally got on the tractor ride. I was taking a picture of the girls when a nice woman asked if we wanted a family picture, which we do not get enough of! The tractor broke down half way through our ride and the guy had faked it once before, so we thought he was kidding, but then it really died, so we made the trek back up to where we parked and that was our day! It was super fun and I love being able to have the girls connect with what we've been learning in such a tangible way!

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