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May Menu & Aldi/Walmart Haul

I mentioned in my last post that I do one big shopping trip to Aldi and Walmart to stock up on the majority of my dried food for the month. That way, I can go to Sam's where I have more affordable, better quality, more organic options, etc. for produce. About once a month or less I go to Costco and stock up on a lot of canned and dried goods there because they have more organic options for way better prices than I can find anywhere around here. So I thought I would share my big shopping haul for this month! I just went to Costco about a week or so before this, so I actually already had quite a bit of what I needed for recipes and such in my basement. 
As far as my menu for this month, I needed 27 meals based on our schedule this month. I usually try to plan 1 breakfast for dinner a week, 1 meatless meal per week, 1 fish (we bought bulk Salmon from Zaycon months ago and are on our last few fillets!), 2 beef and 2 chicken. I buy a rotisserie from Sam's almost every time I go. I know I could roast my own chicken and it would be a little healthier, but you just absolutely cannot beat the price of the Sam's chickens. They last us 2 dinners plus 1-2 lunches...they are just huge! So here's my menu...
  • Pancakes & Bacon (my husband will make these...his pancakes are so good)
  • Quiche with fresh fruit
  • Scrambled eggs and potatoes
  • Omelettes
  • Lo Mein & eggrolls 
  • Bean tostadas, rice and salad
  • Alfredo, salad, bread (Anyone have a good homemade alfredo recipe with cleaner ingredients?!)
  • Pita pizzas
  • Grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, fresh veggie
  • Grilled salmon, salad, couscous
  • Honey garlic salmon, fresh veggie, rolls
  • Beef stew
  • Tacos
  • Taco soup
  • Rice bowls with ground beef
  • Mexican build up (recipe coming this month!)
  • Steak, baked potatoes, salad
  • Steak fajitas
  • Grass fed burgers on sprouted buns with mushroom & provolone, either baked or sweet potato fries
  • Rotisserie, veggie, couscous
  • Cobb salad (with left over rotisserie meat) 
  • Lemon garlic chicken
  • Rotisserie, potatoes, veggie
  • Chicken tortilla soup (with leftover rotisserie meat) 
  • Grilled chicken (haven't decided what we will have for sides...whatever we have on hand!)
  • Rotisserie (ditto about the sides)
  • Pesto meatball soup (this isn't made with chicken, but I forgot to put it elsewhere)
For breakfasts this month we will have...
Scrambled eggs 3 times per week
Oatmeal 2 times per week
Smoothies & boiled eggs once a week 
Banana muffins once a week 

Lunches we do leftovers when possible. I do make mac n cheese for my kids about once a week. We will probably do eggs once a week, they like to eat lunchmeat just plain (not in a sandwich), I'm planning to make egg salad once a week or so, etc. 

Here is my haul from Aldi and Walmart. I have to run to the Co-Op to get just a few things (Einkorn pasta, dairy free pesto, sprouted buns)
Here it is broken down by category a little more...

  • 2 bags of purple grapes (these were super cheap, which is why I bought 2 bags!)
  • 3 heads romaine lettuce (they didn't have organic when I went...these are mostly for jar salads for lunches/cobb salad)
  • 2 bags caesar salad kit (convenience! ;) 
  • Small container strawberries (my kids will literally eat these in one sitting...I usually buy at least 4 pounds a week at Sam's)
  • 2 cucumbers for salads
  • 4 sweet potatoes
  • 5 lb bag of red potatoes
  • Gala apples
  • Mushrooms 
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Pom juice (this wasn't on my list but I have been really wanting to try it and the only other place I've seen it is Costco and it's HUGE...wanted to try this small one to see if I like it first and it was on special buy at Aldi!)
  • 2 packs of chicken breasts (I will buy more at Sam's next week...this was for grilling for lunches/salads this week)
  • Turkey pepperoni for pita pizzas...I forgot I was going to the Co-op or I would have bought the Applegate pepperoni there.
  • 2 lbs. grass fed beef (I have a few more pounds in the freezer from when it was on sale last month)
  • 3 packs of nitrate free  lunch meat. The ingredients in these are not bad and the price is pretty good compared to other brands I've seen! 
  • 2 packs of hickory smoked uncured bacon (this bacon is sooooo good! We will do one on breakfast for dinner night and one weekend morning for breakfast)
  • Block of cheddar
  • Block of mozzarella (I meant to buy fresh mozz since it's for pizzas but wasn't thinking)
  • Sliced provolone for burgers
  • Pie crust for quiche 
  • Frozen corn for taco soup 
  • Italian meatballs (I would like to make my own but don't have time this month) for pesto meatball soup/my kids will eat these for lunches
  • Organic plain yogurt (I usually buy the greek which is really good...we will see how this is!)
  • I also got eggs and milk, which I forgot to take out of the fridge! I got 9 dozen, but the bag fell off my van when I was loading and I think I have about 7 dozen that survived.
Dry Goods
  • Garlic bread (I threw this in the freezer to have with alfredo for an easy dinner on a soccer or life group  night)
  • Bread
  • 3 boxes of couscous
  • 1 box organic mac and cheese (I mean, it's still mac and cheese, so certainly not healthy by any means, but these are the best ingredients I've seen for a box of mac and cheese so I don't feel AS bad about it)
  • Pepperoni, which I already said
  • Gallon size bags
  • Tortillas for fajitas
  • Pancake mix (this is the BEST pancake mix...definitely a splurge meal though!)
  • Black olives
  • Tomatoes w/ green chilies (rotel basically)
  • Veggie chips to have with burgers or lunches
  • Veggie straws (my kids will crush this bag in a week. Not the best thing ever, but the ingredients are a lot better than a lot of other things they ask for!) 
  • Corn chips (fritos basically. These only have corn, salt and oil...not bad!) 
  • Crackers 
Here's what I picked up at Walmart...

  • 4 bushels of bananas (I can't stand Aldi bananas. I've tried so many times and they always go bad within a day or 2. These will all be gone before the weekend!) 
  • Ranch style beans for taco soup
  • Alfredo 
  • Ranch mix (I like to have these on hand...does anyone have a good dry ranch recipe with better ingredients?! I would love to make my own!!) 
  • Pizza sauce 
  • Toastada shells
  • stand and stuff taco shells 
I also had to get baby wipes and a few other non food things from Walmart. 
I already had nuts, oatmeal, some snacks, organic canned tomatoes from Costco, some frozen items, dry beans, etc. on hand for the month. The rest of the month, I will go to Sam's once a week to pick up mostly produce but also milk if we need it, eggs, chicken, etc. 

That's pretty much what groceries for a month look like for a family of 6! 

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