Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week in the Life: Thursday

Thursday, May 19, 2016
6:00 a.m.-We are up and at 'em and ready (well not really ready, but you know...) to work out. Even though it's supposed to be pretty warm today, it's really cold this morning and not the most fun thing ever (we work out in our garage). But we power through! Arms and shoulders for me today. 
6:30-We are back inside. My husband hops in the shower quick and I get some breakfast for him to take to work and a protein shake for myself. I sit on the couch and drink it and pray for a little bit. 
6:45- He is off to work and I get into the shower. 
7:05-I am done showering and getting dressed and no one is up yet, so I decide to paint my toenails since I figure someone will be up shortly and I don't want to start doing anything that will take awhile and have to stop. 
7:20-My oldest is awake. I take her out to the couch and snuggle for a few minutes, then go to finish getting ready. 
7:30 or 7:40 I realize no one else seems to be waking up soon, so I start reading my Bible. I am catching up on a few missed days on my plan this week so I'm reading 2 Samuel 13-18 today. 
8:10-My younger daughter emerges and I am just wrapping up my reading. 
8:15-I am getting started on breakfast. We are out of toilet paper in the main bathroom, so I go to get some more and hear the littles quietly talking, so I get them up and get everyone to the table for breakfast! Some are having oatmeal, some are having toast and bananas. 
At breakfast we talk about what we are going to do today and my oldest really wants to go play at the mall, so I agree. 
8:45ish everyone has pretty much finished eating and I am cleaning up from breakfast, putting everything away and getting the kitchen in order for the day. 
About 9 or 9:15 everyone starts getting ready. The girls go pick out their clothes and get dressed while I am dressing the little kids. Everyone has potty breaks, we all brush teeth and I fix all 4 kids hair and we are off by about 9:40. 
We get to the mall and we are the only ones there! The best. The kids play for quite awhile before anyone else comes and even then, there only ever ends up being 2 other kids there. I think everyone was spending time outside today since it's so beautiful out! 
About 10:35 we go load up and head over to celebrate a friend's birthday. We get there around 11 and get out the double stroller, load everyone up, go inside and to the bathroom for potty breaks and when we come out I still don't see anyone we are meeting, so I double check the message and realize it's supposed to be at NOON, so we are an hour early. Boo! I have no idea why I had 11 in my mind. We go outside to the little courtyard and play a little and then I realize that there's no way we can wait around for almost an hour and then still have to get home for naps, so we just decide to go home. The kids are disappointed and I feel bad about it, but if we stayed the little ones would have been crabby and fallen asleep on the way home, then not napped at home and been miserable all night. So I knew we had to go. 
11:30-We get home and play out front for a little bit. By about 11:45, one little kid is throwing huge fits and one big kid is making some sad choices, so we head inside to take care of all of that. Usually around 11:30 at least half of my kids start losing their minds due to hunger and getting tired. Once I get everyone calmed down, I start fixing lunch. 
12:00-We are sitting down eating. Today is a  mish mash of leftovers, fruit, snap peas, and sandwiches. Random. Everyone is happy now that their bellies are getting full, so we start getting more smiles and everyone is calm.
12:20-We are finished with lunch and I get cleaned up while the kids play in the living room. 
12:30-Littles are losing their minds again, so I get them down for a nap. 
12:40-I read the girls a few books. Sarah is here again today so they want her to sing songs and put them down for a nap. 
12:50-I am starting on this post! After I work on the post, I surf around on the internet a little while and then about 1:30 I start reading my study for my Barnabas group tonight. 
2:00-I am done reading, so I start watching Gilmore girls. Trying to get it finished today! 
3:15-My younger daughter is up! I take her potty and get her a snack. My next daughter wakes up around 3:30. I start getting them ready because they go with my mother-in-law every other Thursday evening. 
3:45ish-One of the littles is up so I bring them out and we play for a little bit, then I get them a snack. We all play and read books while waiting for Grandma. 
4:30-The girls are gone with Grandma and I'm down to one awake child for a short time. We go outside for a few minutes, then come in and get the last child up. 
Just before 5 my husband gets home and we leave to go on a date. Our first one since February!! We have Chick fil a calendar cards and this month was a free entree salad, so we went there and had dinner. Then we went to a nearby park and parked and walked to get ice cream. I'm guessing it was a little over a mile to get there and then back to the car. It was fun and nice to be able to actually hold hands, walk and talk at the same time with no interruptions!! 
6:45-We have a little time to kill so we decide to go to a nearby Salvation Army store that just opened to see what it's like inside. It is actually very nice. We end up getting a game for the girls for like $1.50. 
7:30-We are back home and my husband starts getting the littles ready for bed and I head out for my Barnabas group shortly after. 
8-9:15-I am at Barnabas. The girls come home around 8:15 and  he gets them to bed after that. 
I get home and start getting this post finished up. It has been kind of a crazy week schedule wise and this is the first evening my husband and I have had together post kid bedtime so we are sitting together on the couch while I type this out and he is playing a game on his computer. We will probably watch a few episodes of a show and head to bed by 11 or so! 
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