Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week in the Life: Tuesday

I absolutely LOVE doing day in the life posts (and reading other people's!) and I try to do them at least a couple times a year or so. It is just fun to look back on them and see what our daily life was like at different stages. Things with kids change so fast, it is really, really easy to forget the little details of our day at certain ages. I have been wanting to put together a day in the life post for several months, but every time I think about it I can't decide what day to do because I feel like with our schedule right now and also with doing foster care, every day is pretty different. So I decided to do a week! I am excited to look back on it 6 months or a year from now and see how things have changed yet again. I didn't decide to do the whole week until about halfway through the day today, so I don't have a ton of pictures from today, but hopefully the rest of the week I will have more :) As of today, my girls are 3 and 4 1/2. I'll just refer to our foster kiddos as the little kids to make things a little less confusing and I'm sure I will have to leave some things out since I can't share a lot of details about them or pictures, so just bear with me. 
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
(My husband's schedule was funny yesterday and today. He teaches training classes and his company sent him to an on site class these 2 days and it was during their second shift. So he normally works normal business hours, but these 2 days he was teaching a class later in the day and also had an hour and a half commute each way, so long day for him.) 
7:45ish-the girls wake us up. Normally my husband would already be at work, but since he doesn't have to go in until later today he is here and it works out great because I actually have to get the little kids ready for an appointment at 9. Getting the kids up and ready to go somewhere right away is always hard with 4, so it's nice that 1) I have him there to help and 2) I only have to take 2 kids since the girls can stay home with him. 
8:00-breakfast and getting myself and the little kids ready to go.
8:40-The girls and daddy are playing and there is talk of bike riding while we are gone. The littles and I head out. 
9:00- Get to their appointment. It's super fast and we are done by 9:30 and on our way home. Yay! 
9:45-Home. Daddy and the girls are playing Go Fish. I run a load of little kid laundry down to the basement and get it started. 
10:00ish- Everyone is outside playing! I decide I'm going to try to run to the post office. My mom and niece have birthdays and I need to mail a package out to them, but I really loathe taking kids to the post office. I have no idea what it is about that place, but that is the worst errand to run with kids! So I decide to take advantage of my husband being home during post office hours and run over there quick. So while they are playing outside, I wrap the gifts and get the box ready to mail. 
10:30-11:00-Post office run. When I get back everyone is still playing outside in the front yard/driveway. Big sis is riding her bike up and down the street a bajillion times. Littles are playing in the rocks and with chalk. I think there are some bubbles happening. Daddy is sneaking in a workout while they play. 
11:20-We head in to get lunch going. We usually don't eat until about noon, but that's when my husband has to leave so we eat early. The girls ask for mac and cheese and since we have leftover stew from last night that they didn't like, I make it for them. Everyone is eating by about 11:40 or so. 
A little after 12, Daddy hits the road. 
I get the littles changed and ready for a nap a little early and put them down about 12:30. 
I let the girls pick out 3 books each since we have some extra time today. They have a ton of Fancy Nancy books from the library right now, but we have read each of them to the point that I almost have them memorized. I think we read 4 Fancy Nancy's, a Pete the Cat and Lola the Lollipop Fairy. 
1:00-potty and nap time! I always tuck them in and sing 2 songs then leave. 
I go out to the living room and have my God time. I am still going through the chronological plan and it jumped around in several chapters in Psalms today.  
1:45ish-I read a chapter in Bringing Up Girls but it was really short so I decided to read another chapter, which was a mistake. I could not focus and it took me forever to read that second chapter. 
Around 2:30 my favorite person of the day texts and asks if I'm home and she can bring me something. Then shows up at my door with a giant, amazing, delicious cupcake and totally made my day! Thanks, Ash!! That was a much appreciated afternoon pick me up to get me through the long afternoon/evening! 
2:45 a kid has been crying on and off for a little while (like cries for 2 minutes, goes back to sleep, then does it again a little while later) but I know they are not ready to wake up yet. You know when you can just tell by the type of cry? So I leave them for a little bit in hopes that they'll eventually go back to sleep (they are not hysterical or anything, don't worry!!) and start reading my novel for a little bit. 
3:30 or so, the first girl emerges from her room. We snuggle for a minute and she asks if she can watch a show on Netflix and at this point I am watching a YouTube video on my phone so I say sure. The littles are up shortly after that and I wake my younger daughter around 4 because if she sleeps much longer than that, she won't go down well tonight. Yes, I am amazingly blessed that all 4 nap at the same time! Believe me, I am soooo thankful for that and dreading the day it comes to an end! 
4:00-I get the kiddos a small snack (raisins and the littles have veggie straws and milk, too) since it's not that long until dinner. 
4:30-I decide we should make pizzas for dinner so that we don't have a whole huge meal without my husband tonight, and also because I don't feel like cooking a big meal. The girls love making their own little pizzas! We make them on pitas tonight, but we also LOVE grilling pizza
5:00-we are sitting down eating around now. One of the littles is lactose intolerant so I just give them the pita, pepperonis, and sides all separately instead of in pizza form. 
5:30-We are wrapping up dinner. I think one of the girls has gone out to the backyard. It seems like it takes me forever to get back there. As soon as I've got one kiddo ready, one of the other ones needs a diaper or has to go potty or takes their shoes back off or something. But I finally make it out there with the other 3 after everyone is ready and dinner and kitchen have been cleaned up. 
We play outside for quite a while. It is SO nice out! My younger daughter picks some flowers (really weeds), and I get her a cup with water so she can put them in it. Then she puts it on our picnic tables and brings me a pretend drink so we sit down and then decide we are on a "date". So we play that for awhile. She is a pretty adorable date ;) My older daughter is busy in the play house running her "restaurant". She brings us beverages every so often. There is lots of playing with the cozy coupes, balls, climbing the stairs, jumping and "cheersing" with our "milkshakes"...you know, all kinds of good stuff. 
About 7:00 I start bringing them in. My oldest daughter wants to take a bath so I get that going for her. I wasn't planning on it being a bath night, but she can pretty much do it herself now so she gets in the bath while I am getting a snack ready for everyone. 
About 7:20 I have the brilliant idea to start clipping nails while the littles are brushing teeth. So 40 fingers and 40 toes later, we are done with that. Everyone has a full belly, nice short nails on both their feet and hands, and clean teeth! 
I get the littles to bed about 7:30 or 7:40 (they usually go down between 7:30 and 8 or so) and finish getting the girls ready for bed. In all, starting with snack/bath and ending when I close the last bedroom door, the whole bedtime routine takes around an hour with all 4. There are a lot of jammies to put on, bellies to make full and bladders to empty before bed ;) Usually my husband and I tag team it pretty well but I gave myself some extra time since I was on my own tonight. 
The girls and I are in my bed by about 7:45 for snuggle time. We send Daddy a good night snap chat and start with our routine. 
We all say what made us feel happy, sad and loved that day, everyone picks something to pray for and then each girl gets to pick a song for me to sing. It really helps them wind down feel extra loved before going to sleep. One girl picks "Bright White Gates" (Cielo by Phil Wickham) and the other picks Oceans by Hillsong. They get one last quick sip of water and then head to bed. I tuck them in and sing a few more songs to get them settled in, then say goodnight. I am out of their room about 10 after 8:00 or so. 
About 8:15 I start folding the load of laundry I did earlier today and put that away. 
8:40ish, I get myself a snack and watch part of a YouTube video while I eat. I catch up on some blog reading.
9:00 I just start writing this when I hear a huge bang in the girls' room and one starts crying. Then the other starts crying. It sounded like someone banged their head on the wall, but they are both crying so I don't know who it is! I think they had both been asleep so it takes me a minute to get an answer from either one because they are confused and crying. Little sis banged her head on her bed, and it woke up and scared big sis. Hugs for everyone and an ice pack for little sis, then back to sleep. I continue writing this and am wrapping up about 9:45! I'm planning to just relax now and watch Gilmore girls (I have 2 1/2 episodes left and am powering through!) until my husband gets home soon! 
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