Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week in the Life: Wednesday

Here's another day in our life this week! Read about our Tuesday here
Wednesday, May 18, 2016
7:15 a.m.-Our alarm goes off. Because my husband worked late last night, he gets to go in a little later this morning. He is usually gone by this time. I actually have a girl coming over for several days to "job shadow" me as a stay at home mom, so that's why I'm getting up! 
7:30-Sarah arrives and I tell her what my plan is for the day. The girls also wake up right about the same time and go in to snuggle Daddy since they didn't see him last night. 
8:00-I start fixing scrambled eggs for everyone for breakfast. Daddy and the girls are slow moving and just kind of lounging around. They are telling him about their day yesterday. They really miss him when his schedule is different! 
8:15ish-I hear one of the littles awake so I go to get them, but the other is still sleeping. 
8:30ish-Breakfast! We all sit down for eggs, and the kids have a banana and milk, too. 
8:45-I finally wake up the last kiddo because I need to get them eating and then they are off on a visit. Daddy leaves sometime around now. 
When the littles are finished up, I get them changed and dressed and ready to go see their mom. The girls have gotten dressed by this point and are wanting to play outside so they do that with Sarah. 
9:15-The provider is here to pick up the littles for their visit. He is in a different vehicle than usual and realizes he doesn't have car seats in this one, so I have to take ours out of the van for him, which takes a little longer than normal, but not a huge deal. 
9:30-Time to clean! I try to do majority of my cleaning on Wednesday morning when the littles are gone. I start in the kitchen and the girls pick up the living room. Today since we have Sarah here, she helps them and they all take turns vacuuming and  move on to pick up their bedroom, make their beds, etc. They eventually end up doing all the windows too and things move much faster with an extra set of hands! It typically takes me about 1.5-2 hours to deep clean the upstairs of our home, but it's about an hour today with even doing a few extra things than normal! So anyway, I work on the kitchen while they do all of those other things, and then when they are finished up they go to play outside and I do my bedroom and the bathroom and the upstairs is done! 
10:30ish-We decide to run to the store quick to get more frozen fruit to make smoothies for lunch because we only have frozen pineapple. The girls take a potty break, get shoes on, etc. while I finish up a few more chores last minute. 
10:50 or so we are out the door and it's a race to get there and back before the littles! We head to Walmart and it is actually empty there, so we get a good parking spot and there's no line at check out! Score! We end up getting one of those pre made subs for lunch, too so that we can cut that up and all split it for lunch. I decide to run through the bank on the way home since we have a little extra time. 
11:30-We pull in and get unloaded and into the house and then the littles get home. It was pretty close! I get car seats switched back over and chat with the provider about the case for a little while. 
12:00-Lunch time! The littles ate at their mom's but want to be in on the action so I give them a little snack while we all eat as well. I make smoothies and Sarah cuts up the sub for us. Everyone eats really well, which is always nice! 
12:40-I put the little kids down for their nap. Sarah does stories with the girls and then I tuck them in and sing songs a little after 1:00. 
After all the kids are down and I start folding the girls laundry that I put in sometime in the morning and forgot to mention. 
About 2:00 I go take a quick shower and then have my Bible time. 
When I get done with those things, around 3, I start on this post until the girls wake up around 3:20ish. 
I get the girls a snack, and they immediately ask to go outside. We have been having some colder weather lately so now that the sun is out again and it's getting warm again they are soaking it all up! 
We head outside about 3:45 and I come back in about 4 to see if the little ones are awake and get them up. They have their snack on the back deck and then join in on the fun. 
We play out back until Daddy gets home at about 4:50. Everyone is hot and getting tired by that point. The sun is super strong today! We all go inside and just play in the living room for a bit. Read books, etc. About 5:20 my husband starts making pancakes and bacon for dinner. Sarah leaves shortly after that to go to a small group. 
We eat from about 5:30 or a little after until just before 6. 
After dinner, we decide to go get some plants for our garden. We did not have great luck with our garden last year (our first year trying one) so we decided to just get a few different things this year and see how it goes!
We load up and go to Lowe's. The girls have fun looking at the plants and seeing all the things we could grow. We decide on cucumbers, red bell peppers (the girls FAVORITE), basil and snap peas. 
Around 7 we head home. The little ones go straight to the bath and the girls play out back for a few minutes until it's their turn. I get the little ones in jammies and Daddy gets the girls bath going and bedtime snacks ready. 
7:40ish, the littles are having their snack and the girls are still in their bath. We get the littles finished up and take them to bed about 7:50, after the girls have gotten out of the bath and are starting on their snack. My husband leaves right after that to go to his Barnabas group (men's small group) and I finish getting the girls ready for bed. Everything is taking longer tonight for some reason so we finally get into my bed about 8:15 for their snuggle time and I get them into their beds about 8:35. 
Now I am finishing up this post and going to lounge until my husband gets home soon. Today felt really long and I am super tired tonight, so we will probably go to bed somewhat early tonight. 
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