Monday, June 6, 2016

One Spot Homeschool Haul

I went to Target the other night to get a few things and ended up browsing the One Spot (because, duh) and finding a bunch of things for our homeschool! I was super excited about it and thought I would share! I also got a bunch of things for our road trip coming up to keep the kids entertained that I may share at a later time. I actually didn't find what I went there for and only walked away with things from the dollar spot...whoops! It was fun though. I am really excited to see what kinds of things they will put out when it's back to school time! 
This year I will be doing home preschool with both of my daughters. They will be 5 and 3 1/2 in the fall. My older daughter would likely be ready to start kinder, but her birthday is right after the cut off here, and I think long term it will be really nice having them only one grade apart in school. My younger daughter just turned 3, but is very into school, reading, numbers, letters, etc. and has picked up almost everything she knows just through play and conversation so I am excited to see what she will do this year with structured learning! In many ways, they are close to the same skill and ability in certain areas so we will do a lot together! Because of where they are both at, we will do a more structured preschool year this year and my largest focus will be on learning to read (I think as of right now, at least). I am excited to share more about our homeschool plans for this coming year as I iron out the details! 
Ok, onto the stuff.

(sorry in advance for the not great lighting. It was getting dark and I had the ceiling light on, so of course, weird shadows...)

This little chalkboard clock was so cute. Telling time is one of the things we will be working on this year, so I think this will be perfect! It also gives them the opportunity to write the time so I think that will be great for practice writing numbers as well. I like how it has all of the commonly used time phrases as well, so they can learn those eventually (probably not until they master the actual telling of time!)  {$3}

LOVE these clipboards!! They are super thick and feel very sturdy. I think they'll be handy on days where we have worksheets to just clip their sheets onto their board for them to do that day. One of my girls favorite color is green and the other is pink, so these are perfect! Love the pretty shades of mint and pink! {$3 each}

I actually got these magnetic letters for an upcoming road trip. I always give them circle cookie sheets on road trips to do activities on, so I thought these would be perfect for that. I can call out from the front seat different letters for them to form words, they can try to create words, their names, etc. But I thought they would be a fun way to mix things up with school some days, as well! {$1 a piece}

These pencils and erasers are so cute. I mostly got the pencils because there were pink and green in the pack, so I figured each girl would claim their favorite color and then we always know whose is whose ;) They had so many cute eraser options, but I thought the fruit were fun! {$1 each}

One day at the library, I was reading the girls a book that had a map in the front of it. My younger daughter asked me to show her where we lived, so I showed her our state and some states she is familiar with (where extended family live) and she memorized their location right then and has had them locked in since then! I have been wanting to get her one of the state placemats, but I can't find one and don't really want to pay like $8 on Amazon for one. So I saw this book and thought it would be fun for her! Not at all necessary to learn at age 3, but she thinks its really fun, so we might learn more about states this year! This little book has facts about each's actually really cute! They had several other books as well, like presidents, dinosaurs and I think a few others. I thought they might think the solar system is interesting. They ask a lot of questions about why the sun stays out later in the summer and that kind of thing. {$1 each}

They had several different sheets of these window clings (map, numbers, letters, animals and I think some others). The girls know their letters well, but are still getting the last few numbers so I thought these would be fun. I also thought even in a few years when we are learning addition and subtraction these would be an easy way to mix it up with math on random days they are bored of it. "Hey, go do your  math problems on the window"...what 6 year old wouldn't love that?! {$1}

This window cling map will be a hit with my little one, I think! For now, I think we won't probably use the state labels and I'll just teach them to her and have her point them out as she is learning/wants to. Maybe if we still have this in a few years when they are able to read, they can use the labels :) {$1}

I also got her this giant felt USA map to play with. I'm not sure if we'll keep this hung up all the time, or just get it out occasionally. I feel like I sound like we are going to be hitting states hard this year, but we really aren't! She has asked about them a lot and thinks they are fun, so I just figured we will do them at our leisure and if she gets sick of learning about, that's totally fine! I thought this one was neat that it has different attractions around the country you can place. {$5}

Just over $20 for a bunch of great learning tools for this coming year! I am super excited to go school supply shopping in a few months. It was always my favorite day of the year growing up, and let's just be still is one of them! 

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