Wednesday, November 16, 2016


My oldest is 5! 

Five just seemed like SUCH a big one to me. At 4, I could still be in denial that she was little. But 5...five is a kid. Not a toddler anymore, not really even a preschool (though she's not yet in Kinder). A kid. It's so bittersweet! I absolutely LOVE watching her grow. She is such an awesome girl. But it's also so sad, because she is growing so fast. I have this absolutely horrible habit of counting things down and depressing myself. So I'll do things like say that we are more than 1/4 of the way done having her under our roof. Or that she is as close to being TEN as she is far away from being a newborn. I need to stop! I really truly love watching her at every stage, but WHY, why does it go so fast?! 

Since she turned 5 at the end of September, I have had a little time to let this sink in now, thankfully. I am mostly out of the sadness of it, and just excited to watch her grow...until next year when she turns 6 AND starts kinder..wahhh! 

At 5 years old, she has certainly come into her own. She is spunky and smart. Cute and cuddly. Friendly and fierce. She feels things matter what feeling that may be. Some of what I've seen come out in her this last year shows me that she is probably going to be a wonderful challenge as a teen ;) 

This girl has such a big heart. She loves Jesus so much and has SO many questions about Him, Heaven, the Bible, sin, Jesus' death, His life, God's character, and more. Sometimes it is really hard to answer her questions! She is kind of in a phase where she wants to know SO much and she is capable of understanding A LOT, but not everything so it's hard to explain things because there are some things that are simply impossible for her to understand without experiencing life a little more, and that frustrates her. She just wants to know, know, know, and I hope she never loses that trait! 

She is learning a lot in our homeschool times. I love watching her little brain work! So far, it seems that she might lean more towards the math and science type things--that seems to be how her brain works, where her sister picks up language, reading, etc. so quickly. We will see how that progresses as she gets older! Right now it is just really fun to watch her learn and explore and figure out new concepts on her own sometimes! Her favorite parts of school are read aloud, whenever we do a craft or project of some sort, any type of coloring, and math concepts. She is starting to pick up some basic sight words and figuring out the concept of sounding out words a little bit, but they don't seem to be her favorites at all. 

She is SUCH a helper! She absolutely loves being a big sister. She is so good to all of her siblings and really enjoys playing with them and helping them! And they all just adore her, as well! She loves helping out around the house (most of the time) and I'm starting to realize that I need to milk that for all its worth until she realizes cleaning isn't fun ;) 
The girl is an outdoorsy type, to say the least. She would be outside 100% of the time, if I would let her. She loves running around in the backyard, riding her bike up and down the sidewalk (I'm thinking she'll be ready to take her training wheels off in the Spring!), scootering, going on walks, playing at the park, anything having to do with water. Anything outdoors, she loves. (She also REALLY loves superheroes!)

She had been wanting to take an ice skating class, so her Grammie got her that for her birthday, and she just passed the first level! We are getting ready to start her in the next level. She did soccer last Spring and really liked that, but she really wanted to try ice skating, and that seems to be her favorite, by far! We will see if she continues on with it or what happens, but it is fun to watch her! She went from barely being able to stand up on the ice, to actually skating in such a short time! I have a feeling she will excel at it!

She and her sister also started a music class this fall. There are only 4 kids total in the class, and it's just a gentle intro to piano. She looks forward to going every week, but I don't think it'll be something she really wants to pursue in the future, at least not for now! And that's ok! She enjoys playing on her keyboard and practicing, and doing her "homework" every week :) 

There is so much more I could say about my girl, but I'll stop here! I am so thankful I get to parent her and spend every day with her. She is such a joy! 
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