Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2017 Theme

For years, I've been hearing people talk about their "word of the year". I've never chosen a word of the year before, mainly because I have enough to think about and focus on without widdling it all down to one word. This year, though, I have had a lot of things weighing on my heart and mind and when I really started to think about them, they all kind of connected in certain ways. I am doing too much, I have too much, I probably talk too much and eat too much, I worry too much, I stress too much....
2016 has for sure been the hardest year I have ever had. It has been very trying, and very stressful. There has also been so much goodness and joy this year, but in terms of stress, this year tops the list. I am hoping and praying that next year can be simplified so much more. A lot of this I can't control because of foster care--the process, the courts, the appointments, etc. But many things, I can. So I am choosing to make a theme for myself next year. Something to focus on and strive for. And that theme is.....
I know that probably sounds really weird. Less? Less isn't a super positive word. But it keeps ringing in my brain, so I'm going with it. But why less? 

I want to have less things, so that I can give more. 
I want to worry less, so I can have more peace.
I want to care less what people think, so that I can care more what Jesus thinks.
I want to be less plugged in with electronics and social media, so I can be more plugged in with prayer.
I want to spend less time stressed out, so that I can give my family more. 
I want to talk less, so that I can listen more.
I want to be less concerned with food (read: chocolate), so that I can be more concerned with health.
So maybe "more" is really the theme, but before I can give and do more, I have to remove a lot of the negative that has accumulated. I am excited and grateful for another year to grow, change, learn, and become more like Jesus. 2016 has been such a weird and interesting year. While yes, the most stressful I have ever had, it has also been so eye opening in terms of faith. I have learned SO much about God, about myself, and about our relationship, and I will be forever grateful for that. I am excited to continue learning more about those areas and applying them to myself and my relationship with God. I am hopeful that God will allow me to use what I am learning now to share with others and help them grow, as well. I know that no matter what way 2017 goes, God will be glorified. His mercy is unending, I have found that in 2016 more than I ever have before. 
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