Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Miscellaneous Brain Spew (aka blogging like its 2010)

My friend Callie did a blog post today on "old fashioned blogging" and I loved it SO much, I had to write my own! 
If you didn't blog or read blogs back from about 2008-2013 or so, blogging was a TOTALLY different thing then! It was just people writing about their day to day lives and it was so.much.fun. I had a different blog then, called Extraordinary Love. I blogged on almost a daily basis about any random thing that was on my mind and it was such a great hobby and outlet! In 2014, I started this blog with the intention of it becoming more the style of "modern blogs". I burnt out on that REAL FAST. It was SO much to keep up on with promoting posts, doing social media for the blog, having beautiful images, creative titles, and "Pinnable posts", that it took all the fun out of blogging for me! Some people might enjoy these aspects of it, but for me it was just one more thing on my check list! And for what?! The whole point of blogging for me has always been for a hobby so what is the point of doing it if I don't enjoy it?! Which is why I have posted so infrequently the past couple years. I haven't known exactly where to go with this blog. I want to share more day to day life stuff, but it's hard to with foster care. I can't post pictures or really any details of our fosters and obviously that is a huge part of our life so it's hard to balance. So more often than not, it's silent over here. 
But today, I'm kicking it old school with a random brain spew post circa 2010. Maybe, just maybe, you'll be seeing more of the like over here! Based on the comments on Callie's post, it sounds like a lot of people miss that style of blogging!

For some reason this year, it just doesn't feel like it should be Christmas. I'm sure a lot of it is how fast this year went by (insanely fast....complete record speed!) but I just can't wrap my mind around it actually being Christmas. It's starting to feel a little more like it now that it is SO stinkin cold out (9 degrees when I was out at noon today... yes, NINE), and there are presents under the tree, but it still weirds me out that it's really here. 

It has already snowed here a few times! The kids have been loving it! The first snow was actually pretty warm-still in the 30's so they stayed out for probably almost 2 hours playing in it. Daddy put a harness on and pulled their sled up and down the yard over and over-they had so much fun! 
 My mom caught this picture of us after we woke up and were checking out the first snow. Love my guy and love the first snowfall of the year!!
Bundled up kids are just so cute!! 
Last night I made a huge Costco run with my friend Megan (it's about a half hour away so I don't go super often, but stock up when I do). I got SO much stuff-it was kind of ridiculous. They had this planner there called The Happy Planner. I had just recently started hearing about it, and Megan has one and was raving about it, so I decided to go for it. It was only $20 or $25 (can't remember exactly) for a TWO YEAR planner, and a ton of extras. I feel like the washi tape alone could be almost that much!! I have stayed pretty well organized this year with planning, because I've had to with all of the appointments, court dates, social worker visits, etc., but I am excited to do it in style this next year ;) Seriously, one thing I didn't realize about foster care is how many appointments there are. Obviously not wanting to deter anyone from fostering, but holy cow. It's a lot. (Or maybe it's just the kiddos I have?) 

My girls were looking awfully cute and festive for church last Sunday! I had to stay home because the sick cycle has been running through our family. Holy smokes, with 6 people it takes forever for it to make it all the way through everyone, so I was at home on duty with the littles. But really, didn't they look so sweet? 
(and since we are going old school today, we are also going with unedited phone pics... Although I just got the iPhone 7 plus and it takes pretty decent pictures!) 

My kids have started waking up from their naps, so that's all the random I've got for you today! This was fun, though--I'll have to do it again sometime soon! 

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