Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sickness, Christmas Gifts, 8 Years, Girls Day

I have been sick for 3 weeks....I just can't seem to shake it! It started as what felt like the flu, but I hit some home remedies hard and felt mostly better the next day, then it just turned into the cold gunk. Then other members of the family started getting it, then it moved into my chest and I barely had a voice, then more people in the family got it, then it started to feel like the flu again for a couple days, then it all moved into my head and has been there for a week or so. Have you ever had a cold that lasted 3 weeks? When are you supposed to go get checked? I mean, there's nothing they can do for a cold anyway, right, so.....? Now we have 2 kids on antibiotics-one for an ear infection, and one for an eye infection. Did you know you can get cellulitis of the eye?! Well, you can. And I am SO glad I took her in, because the Dr. said that it often gets bad enough that you have to get on IV antibiotics. So we are praying that clears up quickly. We also had a kid swallow a Lego this week. Of course it happened past 7 p.m. when all the Dr's close, so to the ER we went for x-rays. We called, and they said we had to come in because it could have cut a hole in the esophagus on the way down, so that's really what they were checking for. Luckily it didn't. The Lego itself just passes, which we are still waiting for.....That visit is also how we found out about the ear infection, so I guess it saved me another trip to the Dr ;) My oldest also had an appointment with a cardiologist at the beginning of the month. All was well, praise Jesus. So moral of this story is that I have basically been living at doctors offices/hospitals this month. It figures. We had a pretty low key year in terms of sickness and injury, so of course it would all hit the last month of the year, right? 
Today I realized that we have a few large things that need to be put together for the kids for Christmas. I mean, I KNEW we had them, but Christmas really snuck up on me! Anyone else? This month has absolutely flown by, and here we are, 5 days out from Christmas! I'm trying to figure out how exactly to do this, because I know based on the Amazon reviews, that one of the items (a play kitchen) took people 4+ hours to put together. So I don't want to save it for Christmas Eve, but how do you start it and hide it until then? I am really excited for Christmas this year. The whole "large family Christmas" thing seems like it will be really fun. And insane. But the memories of wrapping paper flying everywhere and squeals of delight from 4 little ones seeing their new stuff will be so worth it! I can't wait! What are you getting your kids for Christmas? Are you done shopping? Do you ever have those years where you just KNOW your kids will absolutely love their gifts? Most years I feel like they'll be really excited and really enjoy what they got, but this year I just can't wait to see their faces. Maybe it's because they're getting older and actually have ideas of what they want going for awhile, but I just really think they are going to be so excited and that makes me so excited! 
Today is our 8 year anniversary! 8 years seems really long! It is very hard to believe that it has been almost a decade! This morning I was thinking that probably within a few more years, everything from our wedding and the photos will start looking so outdated. Right?! It seems like usually when you look back at things from 10+ years they look really old. 
I took my girls out for a girls day on Saturday. They were supposed to have dress rehearsal for their nativity play, but that got cancelled, along with church on Sunday, because it was -30 F with the windchill. NEGATIVE THIRTY DEGREES, GUYS. So I took them out and surprised them with a girls day and it was so much fun! I have been missing them lately. We had my dad, step mom and sister in town over Thanksgiving, then a few days later my mom came, then we've all been battling the sickness off and on and I feel like I just haven't connected with them enough lately. We got donuts first (of course), then we went to see Moana.
 It was super cute and we all enjoyed it. I had one or both girls on my lap for the entire movie, so it was pretty much the best!
 When we came out, it was snowing pretty good, so we went and got lunch at Noodles and Co. I think this was actually my favorite part of the day. We just ate and chatted about the movie and Christmas and whatever their little hearts desired. They seemed so grown up to just sit and have conversations with me over lunch and it was so bittersweet. I love watching them grow. (Also, can I just pause to say that things like going out to eat or to a movie seem SO easy with just my big girls without two wild toddlers in tow! There is no time to pause and chat when we are out with all 4!) After lunch, the snow was still really coming down, but we needed to get the girls gifts for Daddy and brothers, so we braved several stores. I think 5 actually before we all had cold wet feet and and were tired of snow blowing in our faces! It was such a great day, and I think all of our cups were full by the end of it! I could tell by all of the lap sitting, hugging and holding that they requested, that I wasn't the only one who had felt like we haven't connected enough lately. 
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