Monday, December 11, 2017

What My Kids Are Getting For Christmas-2017

I love seeing what other people's kids are getting or got for Christmas. Or not even necessarily kids, I guess, just people in general! I just think it's really interesting and fun to see what people give as gifts or what people ask for. 

The way we have been doing Christmas gifts for the kids the last couple of years is we give them each 4 gifts from us. We tried the whole something to wear, read, want, need thing but it just didn't work for us. I didn't always want to give them books, and they never need anything because we buy them things when they need it, so it just didn't work. We took the same type of approach and broadened the categories a bit and we do 1. a wearable gift 2. their big want 3. activity gift-either based on an activity, or that they can use in an activity...something to DO. 4. something educational.
It has worked out really well the last few years and it has helped me to not just go crazy buying every little thing at Christmastime! We don't necessarily have a set budget per kid because some years they want something more expensive or extravagant, and some years they want something smaller. It all evens out. 
The kids each get a gift from their siblings (so far the girls have picked out a hot wheels semi hauler for one boy and a semi truck hauler for the other) and we also do a family gift every year that is a game and we play it on Christmas afternoon. We also do stockings but I don't have everything listed for those in this post :) 
So, here's what my kids are getting for Christmas! 

Daughter #1-6 years old
Want: Ninja turtle watch. This is a smaller want but she has been begging for this for months!
Wear: Nike hoodie. Another thing she has had on her wishlist for quite awhile.
Activity: Ukuklele
Educational: (not pictured) Art set with How to draw 101 animals book and sketch pad

Daugher #2-4 years old
Want: Melissa & Doug ice cream counter. She hasn't ever actually seen this but she plays ice cream shop every time we go to the park so I know she is going to love this and play with it all the time! 
Wear: My little pony robe & slippers
Activity: Ukuklele
Educational: (not pictured) Art set with Things girls love drawing book and sketch pad

Son #1- almost 3 years old
Want: Tablet, case and headphones. We bought a 4 pack of fire tablets on Amazon a couple years ago and haven't really used 2 of them, so we are giving them to the boys with cases and headphones like the girls have. They don't know how to use a tablet yet or anything, but I know they'll get a lot of use out of them on trips and in years to come. 
Wear: Adidas track suit
Activity: Ukulele
Educational: Trucks book set

Son #2- almost 3 years old
Basically the same as his brother
Want: Tablet, case and headphones
Wear: Adidas track suit
Activity: Ukulele
Educational: Things that go book set 

What are your kids getting for Christmas?! 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017 Goals Recap

I mentioned all the way back in January that I have really enjoyed setting goals the last few years. I don't always meet them, but they help me to stay more on track with things that are important to me. 
I don't want to say I did super great on my goals this year, because, well, I definitely could have done better. A lot of them went really well until this last month or so. Moving has thrown everything for a loop and hasn't left a lot of time for much else, but overall this year, I did pretty well with most of my goals. 
Here's what they were: 

Complete another Bible reading plan
This is one that went really well until this last month or so. I kept up on it for the most part and if I missed a day, I made it up the next day. I have really enjoyed being in the New Testament a lot more this year and paired with the Be Still journal, I felt like I mixed up my quiet times a bit this year, which was a good thing for me and really refreshing! 

Read 25 books
This one I think I will actually meet. I am at 20 completed books right now and I am in the middle of a novel and 2 non fiction books right now. My husband and I are taking a trip in a couple weeks sans kiddos which will give me some reading time on flights as well, so I don't think it will be a problem to hit 25 by the end of the month! Something I did a little different this year is I almost always had a non fiction book going. I read those slower and I prefer to just read a chapter or so at a time so I can soak up whatever I read, whereas with novels I read and read and read. My husband and I have read several parenting books this year, which has been really fun. One of us will read a chapter out loud to the other. I have really enjoyed getting his take on certain topics and I'm glad we are getting some of the same ideas from these books so we can decide together what we want to put into practice. That is why I have 2 non fiction going right now-I'm reading one on my own and one with him. 

Health and Fitness
I didn't ever really set a specific, measurable goal for this. I should have, but didn't, and it showed. For the first half of the year or so, I set workout goals each month and did well with that, but kind of stopped somewhere in the summer. I may try to do that again next year because it kept me pretty consistent with workouts. 

Blog once per week
I am so bummed about this one! I did SO good on this until November! Again with the moving situation. This is my 65th post in 2017, so I definitely averaged more than once a week with doing Blogtober, so I think I'm going to call this a semi-win. I had wanted to do once per week just for consistency. In the past I have done weeks where I post almost every day and then nothing for months, so I wanted to just have something more consistent. Once per week felt totally do able to me most weeks. 

Daily memory journal
This was a fail, and here's why. I did great the first half of the year or so. I really enjoyed doing this most days because it was fun to write down cute things the kids said or did, or great conversations I had with my husband. But it got to the point of feeling like I had to sit down at bedtime and do it and sometimes I didn't want to take 5 minutes to write something out. I think maybe an electronic type would be better for me because I can type a lot faster than write so it wouldn't take me long at all to put it in my phone. Is there an app for this?! I do really cherish having little memories written down for the future, so I would like to find something that is do-able. 

Christ likeness
This isn't necessarily a measurable goal, so I am basically going off of how I feel. Compared to this time a year ago I would say I feel like I know God a lot better than I did 1 year ago, which I think is how it should always be in our Christian walk. Always evolving and changing and growing. So I would say this goal went well and I would like to think I am better today than I was last year :) 

This was a HUGE year for our family and there were so many unknowns, bumps in the road, and joys this year. One of my favorite posts to do every year is a yearly recap and I am excited to sit down soon and go through our year and remember everything we've done and walked through in 2017. 
I haven't really started thinking about goals for 2018 yet, but I will have to do that soon, as well. Do you set goals each year, and if so, what are you thinking about for next year? 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

What Happened to Blogtober?

I did SO good blogging for most of October, and then stopped very suddenly. 
As much as I wanted to complete blogtober I felt like I had to stop. 
Life got a little crazy and it honestly was just taking up too much of my time. 
I was skipping times with God so I could blog, I hadn't read a book the entire month, my house was a mess. But then, then we decided very suddenly to move, and that pretty much made the decision for me. 
Moving-exciting! But moving with 4 kids....sooo much work. We needed to get our current house up on the market quickly because we very suddenly and randomly found what is pretty close to our dream home, and we wanted to make a move on it. We had A LOT of stuff to do to get our house ready to list, so that took precedence and blogging got booted. I wish I could have finished because I was so close! I even had a few drafts started, but I'm glad I stopped when I did so we could get things done! 
So for now, I'll probably be back to blogging once or twice a week and hopefully still sharing some of the posts I planned for Blogtober. And whenever we sell our house and move to the new house, I'm sure I'll have some posts about that, too! 
Here's a {bad quality phone w/ flash} picture of the kiddos at the new house :) We can't wait to move in! 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Consumable Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Ahh, stockings. 
There is just something about them that is so fun and so exciting. But when all is said and done, we all end up with a giant pile of junk that the kids play with once and scatter all over our house. 
Oh, just me? ;) 
While we won't do 100% consumable stocking stuffers, I've tried to really put useful things in there that the kids will either use up, or something that is helpful for them to have (like a new brush). Here are some ideas of things you can throw in your kiddos stockings that are consumable and won't take over your life for the next 11.5 months! 


Dried fruit
Raisin boxes
Applesauce/fruit pouch
Fruit snacks
Popcorn bag 
Granola/energy bars
Cookies/brownies in a jar
Hot cocoa mix
Piece of fruit

Bath & body products

Nail polish
Chap stick
Personalized essential oil roller

Arts & crafts

Small velvet coloring page (check Dollar Tree)
Coloring book
Glitter pens
Sticky notes


Food coloring (for experiments, mixing, making colored water to spray snow with....)
Glow sticks


Fun straws
Gift card to the movies
Gift card for ice cream
Gift card to trampoline park/play place
Homemade coupons

What do you put in your kids stockings?! 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Favorite YouTube Channels

Blogging about my favorite Netflix shows made me think it would be fun to share my favorite YouTube channels as well! Do you watch YouTube? I didn't know it was a "thing" until a couple years ago. I just used it as a way to search for a video on something specific, but now I have a bunch of channels that I watch regularly (usually while I'm folding laundry or doing other chores) and really enjoy. If you are  YouTube watcher (or creator!) tell me your favorite channels to watch! 

In no particular order...

Erica Arndt Erica is the creator of Confessions of a Homeschooler and shares videos a couple times a week, usually on homeschool topics. I have learned a lot from her! 

The Domestic Geek shares tons of awesome and totally do-able recipes! My favorites are her videos which have 3-5 takes on the same dish (like 5 overnight oats recipes, or 4 smoothie recipes, etc.) Her videos are quick and easy to follow.

Cute Girls Hairstyles  I started following for hairstyle ideas for my girls, but I love keeping up on their family now that they are vlogging weekly! They are an adoptive family with 2 adopted children and 4 biological ranging from early elementary-seniors in high school. 

This Gathered Nest  is another homeschooling/adoptive family. She just gave birth to twin girls via embryo adoption and they have also done international adoption, international special needs adoption and domestic adoption, in addition to 2 biological daughters putting them at 7 kiddos. Their family is really sweet so their vlogs are fun to watch, but I also really love Angela's videos on adoption, homeschooling, parenting, beauty, and more. 

Whats Up Moms  puts out great, quick content. I love that all of their videos are under 5 minutes or so. I have gotten a ton of great organizing, recipe and life hack tips from their videos!

How Jen Does It I basically want to be Jen when I grow up. I actually skip over a lot of her videos, but she motivates me to get off my behind and get my house cleaned! She also has tons of great recipes, and parenting/marriage/life advice as someone with older kids who has a lot of wisdom to share ;) 

Love Meg  Ultimate cleaning and organizing motivation. Meg and her family are so cute and she is the queen of all things homemaking. 

A Farmhouse Full When I started watching Nicci's videos I was just totally fascinated by their large family. I have learned a lot about how to manage a larger family (she has 8 kids ranging from baby-teens) from her, and even tho it's weird to say, I'll say it-I just love listening to her talk. A lot of her videos are just her talking to the camera so I'll just put it on while I'm doing something and listen. Her voice is soothing or something -- is that creepy? 

Darci Isabella I absolutely love this channel. Darci is a minimalist and I love all of the minimalistic ideas she shares! All of her videos start out with her talking about whatever the title says followed by a recap of their day which is cooking, walking, stuff around their little urban farm setting. It fascinates me. 

Inspired by Nikki  is a newer one for me, but she just seems to have the sweetest spirit. She is another one I just enjoy listening to and gives me tons of cleaning/organizing motivation. She runs her household really well.

Myka Stauffer I generally really enjoy the style of Myka's videos and appreciate her minimalistic homemaking style. She has a lot of good ideas to share. 

Those are my favorite/regular watches! I don't watch every single video from all of them (especially vlogs) but they are all really fun to watch. Who are your favorite YouTubers? 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Recent Netflix Faves

We are big Netflix people in this house. Sometimes I find it hard to find really good things to watch on streaming, so I thought I'd share some of our recent favorite Netflix shows/movies. 

Blacklist There are a lot of episodes and we haven't gotten through them all (this is a show that we binge watch for awhile and then take a break from....) but it is one that you can't.stop.watching.

The Office We just recently re-watched the entire series and loved it just as much as the first time(s). 

Friends Again, a re-watch. I have always loved Friends and have seen every episode many times. Sometimes I just really need something lighthearted to watch and not have to think too hard about! 

Black Mirror I will say some of the episodes (we haven't seen them all) are completely weird and/or inappropriate. But some of them are just mind blowing and so, so good. Every episode is individual so you can start anywhere. None of the same characters or story line or anything. My favorite episodes are: Nosedive (I'm seriously afraid that this is our future...) Shut up and Dance (Did not see the ending coming and it ruined/infuriated/crushed me. This one does have an adult scene toward the beginning you may want to skip over.) White Bear (Probably my favorite episode. I could not figure out what was going on and it was just so good) The Entire History of You (also terrified this is our future) White Christmas (this one messed with my mind a little bit).

Person of Interest This is another one like Blacklist that we binge for awhile and then take a break from, but it is really awesome. It is one of those shows where there is an ongoing storyline with the few main characters, but each episode has some type of individual situation going on with other people. Not sure if that type of show has a name, but I really like that kind!

Shooter We started this one on a whim one night and could NOT stop watching it! My husband says he thinks it's based on a movie and they turned it into a show, so that's kind of cool.

Lion This movie was heart wrenching (but so good). It is about an international adoptee who gets separated from his birth family at age 5 and placed for adoption, then tries to find his birth family as an adult. I think it is an incredibly important movie because too often our culture expects adoptees to be so grateful for the life they've been given, without thinking of everything they have lost. 

Minimalism In general, minimalism fascinates me so I really enjoyed this documentary. It gave me a lot to ponder. 

What Happened to Monday This Netflix original kept us both on our toes! A forewarning that there is an adult scene that took us by surprise and we quickly skipped over. The storyline was really interesting--in the future the whole world is living with a one child per family rule and it is strictly enforced, so when a mother gives birth to septuplets and then dies, what is their grandfather to do? 

I can't wait for Christmas movies to start rolling out! What are some of your favorite Netflix shows/movies lately? 

Sunday, October 22, 2017


We had an insanely busy weekend and I'm bummed I missed a day of blogging! I made it 20 days! It never even crossed my mind yesterday and it wasn't until I woke up this morning that I realized I forgot to blog yesterday. Oh well. Onward we go! 
I'm exhausted from our weekend, so I'm just going to do a phone picture dump of some of the things we've been up to lately!

First "official" fieldtrip. Pumpkin patch with the whole family! 

He is a wild, climb everything boy through and through.

Daddy is the best park playmate.

Busted climbing out of bed... (sorry its sideways)
...To get in with brother

Little man got a haircut that broke mommy's heart :( The haircut itself is cute, but it wasn't what I wanted and because of how curly his hair is, it'll take about a year to grow back...wahhhh! But it's growing on me and he looks SUPER grown up with it. 

Distracted driver...

Enjoying the fall colors, weather, and Saturday mornings together.

They think they're really big when they sit at their table during sisters' school time. 

My oldest had a few sweet friends over for a "slumber" party (without the actual slumbering). I told her she could invite a few girls and she wanted to do a movie night, so we did pizza, popcorn and a movie, then made milkshakes afterwards while they played. It was the easiest lowest prep party I've done and I loved that! The kids all absolutely loved it because they got to eat in the living room and watch a movie with their friends in pajamas.

Exploring our library's rooftop.

Obsessed with his daddy.

That's pretty much been life lately! We have another crazy busy week coming up, so hopefully I can keep up on the final few days of blogtober!! 

Friday, October 20, 2017

6th Birthday Festivities

My oldest turned 6 last month. So hard to believe, as it is every year! I still need to get a post up about her at age 6, but I wanted to get a post done about what we did on her actual birthday before I forget all of the details. 

The girls have started a tradition of sleeping on our floor the night before their birthday so they wake up in our room on their birthday. I have no idea why they love this, but it is so precious and I love that they do it. 
We had French Toast for breakfast. This was a fail on my part because she had asked for a specific kind of pancake and I forgot to get the stuff from the store :( I was going to run to the store in the morning, but she said she was happy to have her dad's french toast, so we did that instead.

Little brother's had school that morning, so we dropped them off and then headed down to the big mall to Build A Bear. Brothers and sister did BAB this year on their birthdays so she felt like she really needed to do that, too ;) She was disappointed they discontinued their ninja turtles, but she chose a green (camo) bear that she named Cam and really liked him. 

After Build A Bear, we let the girls do those riding animals. I honestly couldn't believe it, but she ended up hating it. She is a daredevil and I thought she would be flying all over the mall on it, but she really didn't like it at all, quickly got off and her sister did it for awhile. 
We headed down the mall to the ice rink. She took ice skating lessons for multiple sessions this year, but we stopped around summer and haven't started up again, so it's been awhile since she has been on the ice. Little sis had never been before. We had the rink to ourselves for about an hour and it was SO much fun! It had been years since I'd been skating and I loved skating around the rink just chatting with her. She is so grown up. We talked about all the things she learned this year, and what she wants to learn in the coming year. She is so precious. 

We grabbed a quick pizza lunch at the mall and then headed back to town to pick up the boys from school. While the boys napped, the girls and I ran to the store to get things for a spaghetti dinner (her pick) and so she could pick out her cake, and something to pass out at her homeschool classes the next day. 
After dinner, we did cake and gifts (it was a very ninja turtle birthday-she is still obsessed). 

We went to play outside for a little while after dinner. 

and she had been asking me for days to go on a bike ride with her. Her big gift from us was a new bike, and she had never been on a ride with just me. Sometimes her dad will jog and she'll ride next to him, but we've never done both of us on separate bikes before. I had been putting it off for a few days because it was SO HOT, but we finally went that evening! We got a little ways up the road and her Grandma drove by, so we decided to turn around and go home so she could open her gifts from them (which was totally fine with me--it was hot and humid)! 
She's been asking for a skateboard for a long time, which her dad (and mom) says a big fat NO to, so she and Grandma compromised with roller skates and she has been waiting patiently for a long time! She put those suckers on and was cruising all over the place-it was wild. Of course, she had to have a skateboarding Mikey, too ;) 
She had a great birthday filled with lots and lots of love! It is so fun to celebrate with her the older and more excited she gets about her big day! 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Resources for Talking to Your Kids About Race

After my post the other night about ways to support my bi-racial sons, I had several friends inquiring more about how to talk to their own kids about race. 
This is a hard question that I am honestly not sure I have a great answer to, so I rounded up some resources I've seen, read myself, or seen shared in groups I am in. I have not personally read or listened to every word in all of these, just a little disclaimer. But I think they are all great resources from people who have a lot of wisdom on this topic. 

Why You Need To Talk With Your Kids About Race Podcast 

Race and Parenting: Why raising 'colorblind' kids is actually a terrible idea (includes helpful suggestions for different age groups!

Raising Social Justice Warriors   (helpful 'guide' on how children think about race at different ages)

Here's How To Raise Race-Conscious Children  (more resources at the bottom of that post!)

Teaching Tolerance : How white parents should talk to their young kids about race

Racing Race Conscious Children (TONS of resources and great conversations) 

Race Conscious Children facebook page

How to Talk to Kids About Race: Books and Resources That Can Help

Why I Talk About Race When I Read With My Toddler

Here are some great book lists to get more diverse books into your home, which is an amazing way to open up conversations about race in the early years.

37 children's books to help talk about racism & discrimination  

28 black picture books that aren't about boycotts, buses or basketball

Diverse Book Finder 

19 Multicultural children's books teaching kindness & empathy

Where's the color in kids' lit? Ask the girl with 1,000 books (and counting)

I hope that this is a helpful jumping off point for many of you! These conversations are important to be having with children of all ages, for every family! After going through all of these resources I'm thinking I am going to have to do a post on some of our favorite diverse children's books soon! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The girls and I played hooky today and went exploring! The weather is SO nice right now-high of mid 70s by mid-day, with 50-60s in the morning. Not a cloud in the sky today! We just had to take advantage. Not to mention, the beautiful fall colors popping up everywhere right now. I'm so glad we did it!
After we dropped the boys at school, the girls and I met Megan and Dax at a local nature center to hike and play. They had some really cool features inside that we checked out first, then went outside to explore.
First up, we checked out the pond.

Next was this GIANT teepee. We all got inside and the kids played for awhile. 
We went on a little hike, that ended up being mostly uphill. I was glad we were going at toddler pace ;) The kiddos stopped several times along the way to play in leaves and sticks and just explore. 

After we had a snack and hiked back down, they had a little outdoor play area with mud painting, instruments, scarves, a weather center, magnetic wooden blocks and more. The kids spent a lot of time playing here and they really liked it!

After we were done, we picked up some lunch and called it a day! Today was a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively ;) !

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

5 Ways You Can Help Support My Bi-racial Sons

We just got home from a discussion at our church about racism and race issues, both in our country and church. My brain is spinning with all that was talked about and since I hadn't blogged yet today, I thought this would be the perfect thing to write about right now. 
I want to be very clear before I start, that none of these points are directed at any specific person, or group of people. They are just things we have experienced in general, or know friends of color have experienced. We want to help educate people because when we know better, we do better. One thing that my husband mentioned tonight is that so many people just think "I know I'm not racist, and racial issues don't affect me, so, whatever" and have that sort of mentality, which can be harmful. I'm certainly not pointing any fingers because I used to do that exact thing. Sometimes ignorance can be hurtful and harmful and affect people we love. I don't want to come across as deeply offended, or harsh. I say all of these things out of love, for my sons, for my friends and to educate those who simply don't know better yet. I also want to say that although I am specifically talking about my sons here, you can apply these ideas elsewhere. 

1. Please try to refrain from touching my son's hair out of curiosity. I am not referring to a loving pat on the head that you would give to any child. I am talking about coming up, running your fingers through his curls and commenting on how you've always wondered what "this kind" of hair feels like. (Yes, this happens...often). I know the heart behind most people who do this, however, I never want my son to feel like he's on display or that his body is open to anyone to touch. I understand curiosity about things you are unfamiliar with. Instead of touching his hair, you can compliment him on how beautiful it is, or you can ask me about his hair. I love it and would love to tell you how I take care of it! Another reason this can be a problem is because of the time and effort I put into caring for his hair. One person coming up and giving his hair a good tousle can really mess it up for the day, which can be frustrating. I know most people don't know what it is like to care for hair like this, so I know it's not malicious in any way. 

2. Please do not label or group my children based on their race. Labeling them with words like mulatto (here is an explanation on why this term is offensive) is hurtful. Asking me "so...what are they?" could certainly be reworded. Grouping them with people who look like them only because of the fact that they look alike is not right. Certainly, if they are playing with other children with brown skin that is completely fine. I am talking about intentionally placing them in a group only because of their race. 

3. Please do not make assumptions about my sons based on their race. Assuming that they will play a specific sport because "their people" (not my words) do, or assuming they have a specific behavior because another child of the same race does is unfair to them. Just as you would not want me to project the behaviors of another child or the aspirations of a teenager with similarities to your child, onto your child, I also don't want you to do so to mine. We hope and pray that people will see "the content of their character."

4. Please ask me or my husband questions! We are constantly learning and want to help others to do the same. We love having open dialogue with people who have a heart for all people and want to know better and do better. If you aren't sure if something is offensive, please ask or research it! 

5. Please talk to your children about race! Have a plethora of books and toys with lots of diversity. Answer their questions honestly, and encourage them to see and celebrate the differences in other people! I used to say I was "color blind" in saying that I didn't "see" race because I love all people, when really what I should have said is that I do see differences in people and I love them and celebrate those differences, no matter what they are.

I am so thankful for all of the many, many people who love and support my sons and our family, and I hope my heart is evident in this post! I know this can be a sensitive topic for some people. I was once in a place where I didn't know these things, but now that I do, I want to pass on my knowledge in hopes that more people can learn and grow. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Outfit Ideas for Kids (Boys & Girls)

One of the reasons I love fall so much is because there is such an endless number of outfits you can put together! At least in the Midwest where we live, the weather can fluctuate, so there are days we need short sleeves, and days we need sweaters. On the mild days, layering works out perfectly for us. I love dressing my kids at this time of year, so I thought it would just be fun to share some of our favorite outfit ideas as of late! 

Outfit #1: Comfy & Casual-track suit for boys
I don't know what it is about little boys in track suits, but I just think it's the cutest thing! My boys have a few, because they just look so sweet in them. 

Outfit #2: Boys plaid flannel & jeans
I also always love my kids in flannels. I feel like the red & black plaid is such a classic look, I love it on this little guy! 

Outfit #3: Mustard tunic + leggings + boots
This was one of my favorite outfits on her last year, so I was thrilled that it fit her again this year! It just SCREAMS fall with the color of the tunic, layered under a jean jacket and tall boots! Obsessed. I love how the striped leggings give it that extra punch of excitement.
jacket | tunic (similar) | leggings (similar) | boots (similar)

Outfit #4: Plaid dress with jeggings
She got this dress last year for her birthday (it's from Forever 21...did you know they sold kids clothes?!) and we all just love it! This year it works better as a tunic, so I'll be pairing it with leggings or jeans this fall. 
(The boots I got this year from Walmart in stores. I can't find them online, but they are similar to the ones I have linked, just not hiking boots.)

Outfit #5: Sweater with colored pants for boys
This sweater holds a special place in my heart. It was one of 2 sweaters I bought when we found out the boys were coming to live with us. I ran to Target for some essentials before they came, and couldn't resist the 2 sweaters. I'm so glad they still fit them! So besides the fact that its sentimental, I love this outfit because of the pop of color. I always love my boys in colored pants.

Outfit #6: Girls comfy game day attire
My daughter is a tomboy through and through and loves this outfit because it's a "football shirt". This would be such a cute, comfy outfit for hanging out with Dad and watching the game. Or, just for every day wear :) 

Outfit #7: Puffy vest + sweatshirt + jeans
My kids all love vests. Do your kids love vests? Is it a kid thing? This outfit is so nice because you can throw on the vest when you go outside, but they can still be comfy & warm in their sweatshirt without the vest. One of my favorites! 
sweatshirt (similar) | vest (similar) | jeans | shoes

Outfit #8: Basic girl fall outfit
This outfit reminds me of nothing other than the stereotypical "basic girl" and I love it anyway. My girl looks so stinkin' cute in the leggings, chambray shirt and boots, I can't help but want her to wear it every day :) 
headwrap (similar) | chambray top (similar) | shirt | leggings | boots (similar)

What are your favorite fall and winter outfits for kids?! 

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