Sunday, January 8, 2017

How to Be a Great Mom

{Tips from a super imperfect mom, who is learning more every day about what's truly important.}

Buy your kids lots of presents

Give them ice cream every day

Take them on extravagant vacations

Love them 

Join the PTA

Make sure they know how to read by the age of 3

Enroll them in every activity you can find

Seek Jesus every hour of every day for guidance

Feed them all organic, unprocessed foods

Make sure they always wear the newest and latest fashion

Teach them about and point them to the Father

Ensure they always get straight A's and are on the honor roll

Make sure they spend no more than 30 minutes on any electronic device every day

Insist that your home is completely free of all chemicals

Tell them how loved and cherished they are

Buy them a brand new car when they turn 16

Start a college savings fund for them as soon as they join your family

Hug them every day

Send them to daycare 

Don't send them to daycare 

Send them to public school

Homeschool them

Send them to private school

Unschool them

Spend quality time with them

I am certainly not criticizing anyone who does any of these things. I do several of them myself! I just know as a mom, especially in our society today, there is so much pressure to do the "right thing". The right thing is different for every family and every child. I am learning so much more that to my kids, a great mom is the one who spends time with them, plays with them, comforts them, encourages them, and loves them. The other day, I talked to my husband about how my kids would remember me if I died tomorrow. I want to work harder on placing importance on those things that aren't crossed out. Someday, not so far away, when my kids leave our nest, those are the things I want my kids to remember about me. 
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