Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day In The Life

I've been meaning to do a day in the life for a few months now! I love doing these once or twice a year and I LOVE looking back on them to remember what life was like during certain seasons! This is Wednesday, March 8, 2017. 
*This ended up not being a super typical morning, because I slept in a little, and so did my littles...usually morning/breakfast time is a lot more hectic*
7:00- My alarm goes off so I can get up to work out. I snooze it (like usual). My husband's schedule has been a little off the last few days which has affected my sleep a little so I am pretty tired this morning. I end up turning off my alarm the next time it goes off and falling back asleep. My husband had gotten up for work and the girls got up so he put on a show for them. 
8:00- I finally force myself to get up , get dressed (into workout clothes so I make sure I workout) and mentally note to push my workout to nap time because I don't have time to work out and shower now. The girls are finishing up a show, and miraculously, my little ones are still asleep, so I start on the morning routine that I normally am fitting in in between feeding all my people and putting out fires in the morning. So I: pick up a few things, make our bed, tidy up our room, unload the dishwasher and put a few dishes in, start a load of laundry. 
8:20ish-The girls are done with their show and are still hungry (my husband had been out of town near a Krispy Kreme last night, so he brought donuts), so I get them some fruit and go wake up the little ones. 
8:30- Get my little ones up, dress them and come out for breakfast. 
9:00- The kids are playing and I'm doing breakfast dishes and cleaning up from breakfast. 
9:15-I sit down with the girls to read some library books we got last night. I tell them to each pick 2, but somehow between what they chose and the little ones keep bringing more over, we end up reading 7 or 8. 
10:00-I start on cleaning the kitchen. Wednesdays are the only day of the week we don't have any commitments, so I fully intend on having a lazy day at home and getting some things done today. The kiddos are playing in the living room and they go downstairs to play for a little bit while I am cleaning, vacuuming, and picking up. 
10:45-The kids are begging to read more library books, so I finish up cleaning and we read a couple more. 
11:00-I am blanking what we did during this hour. Must have just been playing and house stuff. 
11:45 or so I start getting lunch ready. 
12:00-lunch! The kids are having what they like to call "snacky" lunch, where I just throw a mish mash of things on their plates. Today it's lunch meat, cheese, pistachos, "packing peanuts" as they call them which are these little gluten free white cheddar puff things from Aldi, bell peppers, clementines...I think that's it. I have tuna with peppers and pickles. 
12:30-I am cleaning up from lunch and the kids are kind of playing/kind of losing their minds. It has been a long morning for the little ones and I am wondering if there's a full moon or something-they are awfully crabby today. 
12:45-I take the littles to bed because they are just done. They go right to sleep, which doesn't usually happen at nap! 
I read a couple books to the girls and they head into their room for "quiet time". They recently stopped napping, so now they play quietly in their room for 90 minutes. 
1-2:15-I have my quiet time, then I jump straight into my workout, otherwise I know I won't do it once I sit down. I do arms and shoulders today, and abs. I fold the laundry quick and then hop in the shower. 
2:15-I sit down to start on this blog post. 
2:30-I get this far in the post and am going to go dry my hair now and read for a little while. 
3:00-I ended up getting sucked into reading my old day in the life posts, so I didn't read my book, but did dry my hair. 
3:20-3:45-Practice piano with the girls

3:45- Get the littles up from nap and fold the load of towels I put in sometime morning.
4:00-Read more library books. We do read a lot, but usually not this much! We did manage to read all the books we got, though! My voice is tired from all the reading. 

4:30- Daddy is home! 
4:45-Start on dinner. Husband is grilling steaks and I'm making couscous and honey carrots. 
5:30-Start cleaning up dinner. 
5:45-One of my littles needs a hair cut (I have to cut it about every 2 weeks, so he is overdue) so I throw him in the tub to cut his hair and then we start a bath with both of them. 
6:20-I head downstairs to work on editing a newborn session. The girls are playing with my husband and the boys are still playing in the bath. 
6:40-Some of the kids come down to play while I work on editing. They are kind of up and down playing all over the house for awhile. 
7:30-My husband gets the kids a bedtime snack.
7:45-The boys get to bed and I finish up with editing for the night. 
8:00-I pick up around the house with the girls and tell them goodnight. My husband puts them to bed and I start wrapping my daughter's birthday gifts. 
8:30- I am on the couch finishing this post up and I think I'm going to read for awhile, maybe watch a show, and then go to bed a little early tonight since I've been a little short on sleep. We'll probably head to bed between 10-10:30. 
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