Friday, April 14, 2017

Parks, Easter, Socks, Naps & Taxes

  • We have had some nicer weather this week. Still some rain and some chilly days but we've gotten up into the 60's most days. As of right now it looks like all next week will be rainy again so we have been taking advantage of the weather this week. We have spent so much time outside and gone to so many parks! For sure we went to parks Monday evening, Wednesday morning, Wednesday night, Thursday night and this morning. I can't remember if we did a park at all Tuesday. I feel like we have to take advantage of this kind of weather before we get up into scorching temps where you can't even stand to be outside! It has been so fun and so nice to not be so cooped up in the house all week! 
{blurry, but she looks so happy!} 

  • I completely let Easter slip by this year. I bought an egg dying kit the other day...maybe we will still get around to doing it this weekend. I have a favorite egg wreath I love putting out every year that I never put out this year. I was going to blog about what my kids are getting for Easter and never got around to it. I haven't read the kids any of the Easter books I got out to read. And here it is, Good Friday. Speaking of what my kids are getting. I was reading an interesting "debate" about Easter gifts. I guess debate isn't maybe the right word. Parents were discussing what their families do and it was really interesting to read what people consider acceptable Easter gifts, if any. That's why I was going to blog about what my kids are getting and ask what yours are getting. Usually I try to do something practical like swimsuits or shoes for summer, summer toys, etc. This year they all already have several swimsuits so that was out. So I ended up getting them these super cute camping chairs (that are in my husband's trunk hiding, and he's at work so I can't take a picture...) that were about $6 at Walmart. I got them each a bunny bubble wand from the dollar spot and a "workout" outfit. They love wearing "exercise" clothes in the summer. I don't blame them-with the heat and humidity that's about all I want to wear most days, too. I don't think I'm going to fill any eggs with candy or anything this year. What do you do for Easter gifts, if anything? 
  • My oldest daughter decided a few weeks ago that she loves "mix-matching" (as she says) socks. She has started wearing mismatched socks every day and it just tickles her so much. I have no idea why she loves it so much but now my other daughter does it too, and she has recently decided to start wearing 2 pairs of on top of the other. Where do they come up with this stuff?! And now both of the girls mismatch the little ones socks as well. So random, but they just think it's the best thing ever. 
  • My girls stopped napping a couple months ago, but the other day my little girl wasn't feeling too well and wanted to "rest" on the couch. I thought for sure she wouldn't fall asleep but she eventually did. I was sitting next to her reading my Bible and I could not stop staring. She is so beautiful. 

  • My husband works for a tax company and I am SO READY for tax season to be over! Just a few more days! Out of curiosity-do you file your taxes early on in the season, or wait until the last minute? I can't believe how much of their business comes in within the last few days of the season! We usually try to get ours done in February. We are excited to have him back to normal hours next week! 
Hope you all have a great Easter weekend! 
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