Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Flower Girls

Last weekend, my sister-in-law got married! We have been looking forward to this for a long time! It was such a beautiful and fun weekend spent with family and friends. AND, the girls got to be their aunt's flower girls! Needless to say, they were just about the cutest thing of my life :) 

The wedding festivities started Thursday evening with nails. My girls have never been into a nail salon so it was extra special. They were so cute sitting so still and watching so carefully as their nails got painted. 

Friday was crazy busy. We dropped the little ones off for respite for the weekend and then headed to the church to help decorate. We left the church and went to the reception hall to set up tables and chairs, decorate and get everything together. This was one of those times I realized how grown up the girls are getting. They were actually helpful and I never once had to worry about who they were with/where they were/what they were doing because they were just doing whatever people needed them to do. It is crazy how fast the years are going by and still baffles me that we are into this stage of life. My little girl came with me to pick up lunch for the crew while big sis stayed to keep helping with flowers. 
By mid-afternoon, everything was set and we all broke for the rest of the afternoon. I took the girls home to rest for a couple hours since we had been on the go all morning, then we met back at the church at 6 for the rehearsal. I forgot my phone at home so I have no pictures of that evening. My little girl came up to me while we were waiting for the rehearsal to start and said "Mom, I'm embarrassed. Everyone's going to be looking at me!" She is usually the more outgoing one, but then when it was time to practice she started bawling with just the few people sitting there watching. Poor thing! I told her just to look straight ahead at Daddy (he was officiating, so he would already be standing at the front) and don't worry about anyone else. She made it through and was excited for the next day. We headed back to the reception hall for dinner, then left to head home at dusk. Those girls needed rest badly, and we had another long day ahead on Saturday!

Saturday we woke up bright and early for the girls to get their make up done with the bride and her girls! We stopped by Starbucks to pick up caffeine reinforcements for the bride and cousins, then got there shortly before 9. 

The girls were pretty juiced at this point! They were running back and forth from the makeup room to where the other girls were getting their hair done. Pretty sure they thought they owned the place! After about an hour we ended up leaving to go have a friend of my SIL do their make up because this place said they wouldn't get to them for another 3 hours or so! No idea what happened there since their appointment was at 8:30. 
When it came time to actually get a little makeup on, they got really somber and serious. It was cute :) 

We rushed home so I could get ready and do the girls' hair. Then headed off to the church for pictures! 

The ceremony was beautiful and sweet! Then off to the reception where my little girl danced the night away! Literally, you couldn't get that girl off the dance floor. It was so hilarious and cute. Talk about the ultimate twirly dress....these things were amazing, so she was basically spinning all around the dance floor the entire night, watching her dress spin :) 
My big girl was off making best friends with extended relatives she'd never met. I have no idea how she even got started talking to them, but she was so hilarious about it. She took a special liking to her great, great aunt Nancy and sat on her lap for a good majority of the night. After we left, on the way home, we just happened to pull up next to them at a stop light and she was just tickled to death that she got to see her once last time and talk to her through the window :) Oh to be 5 and so easily amused. 

Both of the girls were just in heaven at the end of the day. They had so much fun and felt so special. We are so happy for the happy new couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness together!!

Other notable things from the wedding weekend...
* During the ceremony, we had told my little one that she could either stay up on the stage with her sister for the ceremony, or come down to sit with me, but she had to stay up there after she walks down the aisle until after Gramps walked Katie down the aisle. Well, right before the wedding, she was determined she would stay up there. She got super fidgety really fast and I had her come sit down next to me because I didn't want her to be distracting. Well, part way through the ceremony she starts stroking my earring and says, "Mom? You know what the real treasure is?" Me: "What?" Her: "Your smile." I mean......
* At the reception I was taking my little one to the bathroom and I said "Hey! Now that Katie & Connor are married, Connor is your uncle! Uncle Connor!" She goes, "Uncle Connor? I hope they never move away." Lol! 
* Before the ceremony started she came over to me and says, "Mom. I'm really excited. And also nervous." It was so cute how she knew it was a big deal and knew she was feeling both ways. 
* After we left, we were talking about how cute she was on the dance floor and asked her if she just had the best time and somehow it came up that this may be the only time they are ever flower girls. To which she replies, "I want to be a flower girl in every wedding!" We told her it was a special honor, and that she might not get to do it again, but that we will definitely go to more weddings, and she said, "Ok. But can I dance the entire time at all of them?" #priorities 
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