Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Day in the Life: Summer 2017

I wanted to get a Day in the Life written down for summer before we start back into our school routine and everything changes! This year will be different than ever before with my girls starting kindergarten and boys going to a preschool program a few days per week, so I'll have to do another one in a few months when we get settled into our routine! 

Tuesday, August 22. 2017
7:00-alarm goes off and I'm quick to snooze. Way too tired this morning.

7:40- my husband and I both finally get up. I hop in the shower and he leaves for work. My oldest wakes up and comes into the bathroom while I'm in the shower. I am really slow moving this morning. 

8:30-I finally get my little ones up (they have been talking {read: screaming and jumping so loud!} for a little while already) and start a load of laundry. 

8:45- I get the kids an easy breakfast and go to dry my hair while they are occupied. 

9:15-Everyone is done with breakfast and I have gone through our super long hair routine and come out successful for the day! Every morning I contemplate chopping all their hair off because it takes so long, but it's all so beautiful that I can't.
 The girls head to their room to start playing make believe and the boys are playing in the living room. 

9:30-I finally get my breakfast. I am having bread with cashew butter and banana.
After I eat, I unload the dishwasher which takes me a little longer than normal because I washed all the kids cups and water bottles and have to put all the lids and straws and pieces back together. 
I do a little picking up and getting ready. My oldest really wants to go to the park before the boys have speech therapy so...

10:00-We leave for the park. It's a short and sweet time at the park, but everyone has fun!
 10:40-Leave the park and head to speech. I have one little melting down at this point. 

11:00-12:00-Speech. The boys are having their annual testing done, so the girls and I stay in the waiting room and she takes one boy back at a time. We recently got this drawing book from Usborne and the girls have been enjoying it, so we do that for awhile and then they watch a show on their tablets for the last little bit. 
12:15-We get home and I quickly fix lunch for everyone. The kids are having "snacky" lunch where I basically just give them random things from different food groups and call it good. I had a pita pocket with tuna mixed w/ avocado mayo, garlic mustard aioli and pickles, and a handful of salt and vinegar chips. 

12:45-I get the boys down for a nap. 

1:00-I start on reading my Bible and having some quiet time. The girls are playing quietly in their room. 
1:30-One of the boys is still awake so I head in their room once again to try to get him to sleep, and also grab the laundry out of the dryer. 
I fold the laundry while I watch a quick YouTube video. 

1:45-My mom calls, so I talk to her for about 15 minutes or so. 

2:00-I get started on this post. 

2:30-3:30-I take care of some busy work. Paying bills, schedule appointments, mailing things, etc. Boring. The girls finish up their quiet time around 3 and are allowed to watch a show on their tablets.

3:30-Baby #1 is awake so I grab him in hopes his brother can sleep a little longer. 

3:45-Baby #2 is awake, so I get him as well, get them changed and ready for the afternoon. 

4:00-Girls finish up on their tablets and the babies get a snack while I practice piano with the girls. Their recital is in 2 days, so we are practicing multiple times a day right now to get their songs down pat. 
4:35- My husband gets home! Yay! We finish up practicing piano and everyone does the "daddy is home" crazy time for a bit. 

5:00-My husband starts grilling burgers for dinner, and 3/4 of the kids play out back while he does. 

5:20-Dinner! Keeping it simple tonight and having burgers on a sweet hawaiian bun (delicious), chips and fruit. 
5:45-Finish up with dinner and get the kitchen cleaned up, leftovers put away, and dishes started.

6:00-We decide to head to the neighborhood school to let the kids ride their bikes and play. It is SO nice outside! Almost chilly even, in the shade. We thought about riding bikes to the library, but my husband is tired tonight so we decide on this instead. We play for a little over an hour. 
7:15-Get home and get all of the kids a snack. 

7:30-My husband gets the boys ready for bed, while I practice piano with the girls again. We trade off and I do piano with one girl while the other brushes teeth and gets pajamas on. 

7:45-My husband is reading The Littles books to the girls, so they read a few chapters before bed and...

8:05-Girls are in bed and I am working on this post! My husband is making himself a snack and his breakfast for tomorrow. When he finishes up, we will probably watch Netflix for awhile and head to bed around 10-10:30. We've both been really drained lately, so we've been trying to get to bed earlier. 

That's a typical summer weekday for us this year! 

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