Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Prepping for Kindergarten

Summer is quickly coming to a close. My facebook and instagram feeds are filling up with cute back to school pictures, and my to-do list is filled with many school related items! I have taken a very relaxed approach to planning, and getting ready for the school year this summer. Not sure I really meant for it to be that way, but it has been really nice to slowly ease our way into things! So, here is a random mish mash of what we've been doing to get ready for our school year to start soon!

The girls and I went school supply shopping in July, which is always my very favorite thing. I don't know why it is so fun, but it really is! Being homeschooled, and kindergarten age, they really didn't need a lot. I had a semi small list of things I wanted them to have (dry erase markers, colored pencils, pencils, a folder, etc.) but let them pick out a few fun things, as well. 

My little guys are going to a mother's day out type program 2 mornings a week. There were many factors that went into deciding to do this, which I won't get into here, but I think it is going to be really good for all of us! We have open house coming up for that at the end of August. I am excited to meet their teachers and get settled into that routine! They also had a small supply list + optional donation list and I still need to pick up a few things to add to that (disinfecting wipes, snacks, ziplocks, etc.) and then they will be set for the year!

Speaking of sending my boys there-between them doing that 2 mornings a week and my daughter attending a homeschool program one day a week, I decided to go all in and get the kids each a Yumbox for the year. They are so much fun, and my kids love them SO much! I know we will get tons of use out of these over the years! They each got to pick out a new lunchbox as well. It's the little things :) 

I spent a few hours a couple of weeks ago cleaning out part of our school room. I cleared out all of the preschool work, threw a bunch of old stuff out, and made room for our Kinder curriculum. I still have some more organization and tidying I need to do in there before we start. The girls' desks are in great shape and ready to go, though! 

I got our math curriculum in last week, and after going through it, I decided to order another workbook for my younger daughter. She was going to be doing pretty much everything with us besides math this year, simply because she is more than ready, wants to, and long run it'll be really nice for me to mostly be teaching them the same things. Well, after going over a bunch of the math lessons, I decided she is just going to do that as well. She completely did one of the lessons in week 17 or something, with no assistance and no prepping, so I know she's more than ready for math, too. SO, I guess I will technically, but not officially (right?) have 2 kindergartners this year. If it turns out she is super not ready, that is just fine and we will save everything for next year, but based on how things went last year and the way she learns, I am really confident she will excel this year. She will not get to go to the class this year since she is not officially of Kinder age, but that is fine with me. I think maturity wise she can use another year before heading to that :) To eliminate confusion, I think I'll still classify her as whatever grade she is officially in, but assume we stick with this, she will always be a grade above that in curriculum. I think I'm calling this year Kinder-ish. ;) 

I think we will officially start school September 6, which gives us 2 weeks to finish getting everything ready. We have family coming into town next week, so I didn't want to start this week (when the local school district starts), only to take a break the following week. Plus, the boys don't start school until after labor day, so that will make it a little easier on us to start when we have more focused time as we are getting to know the curriculum at first.

Happy new school year to you all! :) 

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