Sunday, September 10, 2017

First Day Of Kindergarten!

All of my kids started school this past Wednesday! 

My little guys are heading to a mother's day out type program a couple mornings a week, and their first day was Wednesday! They did great and the teacher said they didn't cry or fuss at all. They had fun and were great helpers. I think they will continue loving it there!
After we dropped off the boys, we stopped for a little first day of school treat (I mean, we drove right past a coffee shop, so we pretty much HAD to stop...) and then got home and started on school. Since we stayed a little longer at the boys school and stopped for treats, we didn't get started until about 10:30.
The girls were eager to get started! They both enjoy learning and think school is really fun. So do I ;) 
We started with Math. We are using Math U See and there are sections A-G for each lesson. I assume this is meant to be broken up by day, or maybe a few per day to get each lesson done in a week, but since it was basically just counting and my girls have already mastered that, they just kept going and ended up doing all of the pages A-G in about 10 minutes. I just hope they don't expect math to always be that easy and fast ;) 
Then we moved onto Bible, which took the longest. The actual material isn't very long, but my girls are really into details while coloring and so on the lesson part (Joseph right now) it would tell part of the story and then say "color Joseph's coat" or whatever, so it took them awhile. I found out over the following days that they really retained the information, so apparently its working and I don't mind it taking awhile if they're learning it! 
I had decided to do Bible in the middle, right before Read Aloud because I knew my girls would want to color the main picture in each Bible lesson, and then they could color it while I read aloud to them from our book, and that ended up being a very wise decision because that's EXACTLY what they wanted to do! We started Pippi Longstocking and are loving it.
After Read Aloud we did language arts. They did very well with this, but man, learning and teaching handwriting is hard and frustrating for everyone! Later on in the week we switched up our schedule and started doing it first and math 3rd and that kept their frustration down a bit since they were just getting started for the day. Hopefully that will keep working! 
After language arts, we started on our Oceans unit. We won't do this every day, and I'm going to try to squeeze it in on days when the boys are at school since we have more quiet and focused time and can get things done a little faster. We made a chart labeling the ocean zones and will keep learning about the zones this coming week before we start on sea creatures. 

It took us right about 2 hours for the first day which seemed about right to me! 
Tomorrow our resource teacher from the school district is coming over to work with my daughters and so we can get to know her. I am looking forward to that! Then later this week, my oldest is going to her first day of enrichment classes at school. I am going to cry all day, but she is so excited (or "nervousited" as she cute) so I can't help but be excited for her. I will miss her so much all day, and let's be real-I'll probably be the first parent in the pick up line ;) We went to visit on Friday and meet her teachers and see her classrooms, locker and lunchroom.
We'll just be getting into the swing of our routine over the next few weeks! I was thinking about possibly doing a "day in the life" type insta story in a week or two to show what a morning of homeschooling is like. If you're interested in seeing that (whenever it happens) follow me @thenataliecook 
Here's to another great week! 

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